Why some people don’t like Paulo Coelho?

Why do so many people hate Paulo Coelho’s books? Why I hate Paulo Coelho?
  1. They think his books are overrated

    Some people think that Paulo Coelho’s books are not good enough to have such a large fan base. Those people believe that Coelho is getting more fame than his books deserve.

  2. They don’t agree with some of the concepts he is promoting

    Some people don’t agree with some of the concepts Paulo mentions in his books, such as ‘When you want something the whole universe conspires to help you get it’.

  3. Some think he is promoting very logical concepts in a way that makes them seem like discoveries

    Some people think that Paulo Coelho is just saying some logical things but presenting them in a way that makes them seem like they are great discoveries.

  4. Some people believe he just writes the things people want to hear

    Some people believe that Paulo doesn’t write facts, but he writes things that make people feel good, such as ‘One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving’. Those people believe that the popularity of Paulo’s works is because of people’s desire to hear those things.

  5. His writings only appeal to spiritual people

    Some people don’t like writers who talk about religious and spiritual matters. Because many of Paulo’s books refer to spiritual matters, some people don’t like them.

  6. Some people don’t like his style of writing

    Some people don’t like Coelho’s style of writing, and they believe that his books are not interesting.

  7. Because other people glorify him and his concepts

    Many people glorify Paulo Coelho’s concepts, which sometimes seem illogical or even irrational to some people, and this is why those people tend to dislike him. (See Why do some people like Eminem so much?)

  8. Some people think his writing is shallow

    Some people think that others get impressed by Paulo’s writings because they don’t read a lot or because they don’t have a good education. Those people believe that Paulo’s writings are shallow and sometimes intuitive.

  9. Some people believe his writing is more suitable for children

    Some people think that Paulo’s way of writing is more suitable for children. Those people say that his stories are predictable and that they couldn’t find anything interesting while reading his books.

  10. Some people say his plots are uninteresting

    Some people think Paulo Coelho’s plots are not that interesting and that they lack complexity.

  11. Some people believe his books can be summarized

    Some people said that some of Paulo’s books could be summarized into smaller ones, as the concepts he tries to deliver can be said in a few pages.

  12. Some believe he is repeating consumed thoughts

    Some people believe Paulo Coelho is repeating consumed thoughts and that there is nothing novel about his writings.

  13. Some people believe his books are all the same

    Some people believe that Paulo’s books are all the same and that they keep repeating the same concepts over and over.

  14. They have very high expectations

    Because Paulo Coelho is very famous, many people have very high expectations when they buy his books. Usually when a person has very high expectations, they are more likely to get disappointed. (See Why Taylor Swift is so popular?)

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