Why some People didn’t like Until Dawn Game?

Why do people hate Until Dawn? Why some people didn’t like Until Dawn Game?
  1. Too little interaction

    The game has too little interaction where players just choose from options instead of actively running, shooting or jumping. The game style is similar to the order 1886.

  2. No enemy fights

    The game is like a movie where a player watches what happens based on the choice he makes. The game doesn’t allow the player to fight enemies directly, but instead, he watches the consequences of his choices.

  3. The game can get very spooky

    The game can get very spooky and so some players might feel uncomfortable playing it alone. Horror movie fans will usually find the game interesting.

  4. Intense gore

    The game has the kind of gore found in Saw movies. People who liked Saw movies are very likely to like the game. Other players might find the gore unpleasant.

  5. Cliche story

    Some people didn’t like the ‘cabin in the woods’ story style. Players described this story style as repetitive and even boring. (See Why some people don’t like video games?)

  6. Your favorite characters can die

    If a player makes the wrong choice, his favorite character can die. The deaths are usually unexpected and can sometimes be annoying.

  7. Unrealistic conversations

    One writer on Gamesradar criticized the dialogue of the game and said that it’s unrealistic.

  8. Too much watching

    The game has more scenes to watch than ones to interact with. This made the game seem boring to some people. (See Why some Games are banned?)

  9. The game can get boring

    The little interaction in the game can make it boring sometimes, as the player just keeps wandering around, waiting for the cut-scene. See why some people liked the Game.

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