Why Some people didn’t like Final Fantasy XV?

Why is Final Fantasy XV that badly hated? Why People Hate Final Fantasy XV So Much?
  1. Lack of fighting strategy

    Many players said that the complex fighting strategy that the old fight system provided in earlier final fantasy games was much more interesting than the real time battles that lacked a true strategy.

  2. Weak character differentiation

    In earlier final fantasy games each character had a very unique identity. In Final Fantasy XV characters were introduced so fast that they were hardly memorable.

  3. Lost identity

    The developers have tried to please new comers and as a result they moved away from many of the old game elements that used to appeal to hardcore fans. The result was a lost identity and a game that doesn’t feel like final fantasy games. See why Final Fantasy 7 was great.

  4. Too many side quests

    In Final Fantasy XV Side quests interfere with the main story from the very beginning of the game even when the person is still being introduced to the story. Some players described the side quests as distracting and boring. (See Why many people like Final Fantasy 9?)

  5. Weak story telling

    Many players have complained about the story and said that it was weak or not compelling. Final Fantasy hardcore fans always expect a breath taking story and this is why some people got disappointment by Final Fantasy XV.

  6. Unlikable characters

    Some fans criticized the game for having Unlikable characters. Some players felt unable to identify with or connect with the main characters of the game and as a result they felt disconnected. (See Why Final Fantasy 6 is overrated?)

  7. Wrong character introduction

    In many of the successful Final Fantasy games such as Final Fantasy VII the characters were introduced properly with strong background information given about them in such a way that people become truly connected with them. This process didn’t happen properly in Final Fantasy XV.

  8. Many didn’t like the car system

    Many people didn’t like the idea of having to move around with the car all the time. This made the game seem like a bizarre combination of different games put together.

  9. Bad Camera angles

    Many players complained about the Camera angels during the fight and said that it made the experience unpleasant.

  10. Boring and repetitive

    Some people said that the game was repetitive and boring. The player is assigned the mission, uses the car to locate it, grabs something then starts over.

  11. The game feels weird

    Some players said that the game feels weird as they failed to recognize weather it’s an open world game, a road trip game or a final fantasy game.

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