Why some people didn’t like 13 Reasons Why?

Why don’t you like 13 Reasons Why? 13 Reasons Why I Didn’t Like 13 Reasons Why
  1. They think it encourages suicide

    Some people believe that the show ’13 Reasons Why’ can actually encourage teens to commit suicide and can make them think that the decision to commit suicide is the best option they have when life gets really bad.

  2. Rape scenes

    Some people didn’t like the show because of the way it displayed rape scenes; thus making it unsuitable for teens where, as those teens are the ones the show should be targeting.

  3. The suicide scene

    Some people didn’t like the show because of the suicide scene, which was disturbing. The suicide scene could also make it seem to teens that suicide isn’t a difficult step to take.

  4. Parts of the plot were not convincing

    Some people said that parts of the plot were not convincing to them such as Clay’s reluctance to listen to all the tapes fast and Hannah’s way of recording the tapes.

  5. It connected suicide with revenge

    Some people didn’t like the fact that the show connected suicide with revenge. The show made it seem like suicide was the ultimate way to get revenge against all the people who abused Hannah.

  6. Hannah’s actions were unrealistic

    Some psychologists pointed out that Hannah’s behavior was unrealistic. Those psychologists said that a troubled teen thinking about suicide will hardly think about making tapes and recording their memories for hours. (See Why some people don’t like Game of Thrones?)

  7. It glorifies suicide

    According to one opinion, the show glorifies suicide and makes it seem like a perfect option that can solve all problems when things go wrong.

  8. It glorifies self-harm

    When Skye talked about self-harm in the show, she said that suicide is for the weak and that people who harm themselves are the strong ones who chose to do so to not commit suicide. (See Why did Hannah Baker kill herself in 13 Reasons Why?)

  9. It shifts responsibility

    According to one opinion, the show gives the right to people to shift the responsibility of suicide on others instead of realizing that they are also responsible for their own actions.

  10. It makes bullying the sole cause

    Some suicide help experts have criticized the show for making it seem like bullying alone is the ultimate cause of suicide. According to those experts, suicide happens when so many reasons come together, not just one.

  11. It didn’t offer a solution

    Some people criticized the show for not offering a proper solution to prevent suicide, and instead narrated the events after the problem had already occurred.

  12. It increased curiosity about suicide

    According to one source, after the show, the search for the word ‘suicide’ increased on Google. This might be an indication that the show is encouraging suicide.

  13. Some consider it disturbing

    Some consider the show more disturbing that entertaining. Some people think that the show is overly dramatic and too emotionally provoking.

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