Why some people bite their nails?

The psychology of why so many people bite their nails | Why People Bite their Nails, According to Science?
  1. Aggression toward themselves

    Some theories say people bite their nails due to the fact that they bear inward aggression towards themselves. It may also be a form of self-mutilation.

  2. A habit since childhood

    Some theories suggest that nail-biting has become a habit since children grow up putting things in their mouths, and sometimes their fingers.

  3. Stress, hunger or boredom

    Some people bite their nails when they’re anxious, stressed, bored or hungry. (See The body language signs of stress)

  4. Associated with OCD

    In 2012, the American Psychiatric Association linked nail-biting to obsessive compulsive disorder.

  5. A sign of perfectionism

    A study has found that nail-biters tend to be perfectionists who take out their frustration or stress on their nails.

  6. A learned behavior

    Nail-biting may sometimes be a formed habit due to being exposed to it in families.

  7. An instinctual habit

    Some people believe that nail-biting is an instinct passed down to us from our early ancestors. Thus, some people resort to it when they’re in need of relief. (See What are the causes of stress?)

  8. An escape mechanism

    Psychologists have suggested that nail-biting is a way to temporarily escape a bad situation by giving the person a distraction.

  9. It feels good

    Some people bite their nails merely because they enjoy the feeling of the nail coming off.

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