Why some Games are banned?

List of banned video games | What games are illegal? Why some Games were banned?
  1. Extreme violence

    Numerous games are banned because of the weird and unusual violent images and themes. Also, there are many games that promote violence, which is why these games have been disallowed.

  2. Makes a country look bad

    If the government thinks that game makes the country look bad or portraits a lousy image about its army or government. In that case, the government outlaws the app. For example, Battlefield4 was also banned in China as it dishonors the image of China. (See Why Battlefield 1 is critically acclaimed?)

  3. Referencing areas of conflict

    A country can also disallow the game if it references an area where conflict or war is taking place.

  4. Strong sexual content

    There have been many banned games as they possess a lot of sexual content. Mostly this happens in conservative countries.

  5. The game has a political dimension

    If the game conveys any sort of political dimension, then the government outlaws the game. Also, if the game depicts a particular image about the country or portraits anything that is against the country, then the game is banned. (See Why Rise of the Tomb Raider was initially considered a failure?)

  6. Promoting unwanted behavior

    This is vital for the country as if any game supports any sort of unwanted conduct, which is not for the country, then the game is disallowed. There are various matters like violence, riots, abusive language, or any other unwanted behavior, then the game is banned.

  7. Portraying political figures in an unwanted manner

    In case if any game depicts the political figures in a displeasing way then that games are straight away prohibited by the government.

  8. Religious discrimination

    Well, this should never be allowed. As if any game shows any sort of discrimination amongst the religions or caste, then it should indeed be banned, and this is what the government does. If they see any game that shows intolerance against any religion, it is stopped there and then.

  9. Encouraging Gross values

    There have been an array of games that have been forbidden as they spur values which are not accepted by the country. There have been various games that have been banned in the past because they promote various matters like homosexuality, gambling, etc. that the country does not support.

  10. Mentioning deities inappropriately

    This happens really less, but if in any game the gods are disrespected or mentioned improperly, the game is outlawed by the government.

  11. Encouraging crime or drug use

    This has happened various times that the game was banned as it had content that promoted the usage of drugs, crime, or any other illegal activity.

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