Why Some Facebook Users Constantly Update their Status?

What does your Facebook status reveal about your personality? Why do people like to post statuses on Facebook?
  1. They are easily provoked

    People can feel like they want to dump their emotions and feelings when they get emotionally aroused. Many people use Facebook status as a way to release some of their stored emotions. People who get easily aroused usually write more posts than others.

  2. Unmet social needs

    Some people have unmet social needs that force them to keep posting everyday until they meet them. Among those needs is the the need to make more friends, the need to find a relationship partner or the need to become popular.

  3. They need attention

    People who need extra attention usually post more often on Facebook. By doing so they try to achieve the goal of getting as much attention as they can.

  4. They work online

    People who do their jobs online usually post more on Facebook than people who work at outdoor jobs. Because most humans procrastinate while working those who work online might post more to procrastinate and skip work.

  5. They Check their Newsfeed more often

    In so many cases a person writes something after getting provoked by the news he finds in the Newsfeed. If a person checks his Newsfeed often and is at the same time easily provoked then he might post on Facebook very often.

  6. Their work depend on Facebook

    People who have jobs that include social media marketing will be forced to check their Facebook during work and as a result they might write on Facebook more often.

  7. They feel lonely

    A study has found that some of the people who post on Facebook often do it out of loneliness. If a person feels lonely then he might revert to Facebook and other social networks to feel good. This also doesn’t mean that any person who posts often on Facebook feels lonely.

  8. They usually get a good reward

    People who have so many friends on Facebook and who usually get a high response rate on their posts get motivated to post more often on Facebook. Because the person gets rewarded with many likes and comments after each post he gets addicted to the posting habit.

  9. They are Extroverts

    On average extroverts post more than introverts. An extrovert finds it much easier to share his feelings and emotions with others. Also an extrovert usually feels like starting conversations with others and that’s why he posts more often on Facebook. (See Why are some people Extroverts?)

  10. They don’t care much about privacy

    People who post on Facebook often usually don’t care much about privacy. They don’t mind if people knew about their life details or the places they visit often. (See Why Do People Care About Online Privacy?)

  11. They need for belonging

    All humans feel like they need to belong to a certain social group. Those who post on Facebook often however can have a higher need of belonging.

  12. To get validation and approval

    Some of the people who post on Facebook often do it for validation and approval. By posting something then getting some likes and comments those people can get an instant self esteem boost and feel better about themselves.

  13. They are showy

    Showy people are more likely to post more often on Facebook than ordinary people. A showy person would try to broadcast all the good things he has by posting on Facebook often.

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