Why Social Networks are Popular?

Why Social Networking is So Popular These Days? Why Social Networks are Popular?
  1. They satisfy a basic human need

    Social networks satisfy the basic human need of connecting with others. According to psychologists, we humans are social beings and this is why we get addicted to social networks.

  2. They are addictive

    Most social networks utilize the use of notifications. Notifications are extremely rewarding to the human brain since they result in the release of the addictive chemical dopamine.

  3. They are a self-expression tool

    All humans have the need to express themselves. Social networks are considered self-expression tools since they allow people to express their opinions and ideas in the way they like.

  4. They are important communication tools

    Social networks are evolving to become important communication tools. Many people use social networks to deliver important messages to others or to even call them.

  5. They keep people updated

    Many people use social networks to stay updated with the news of their friends and relatives. Social networks are considered a primary news source for a large number of people. (See Why Facebook is so popular?)

  6. They are used in business

    Social networks have got multiple uses including business. Many people use social networks to promote their businesses and to connect with customers.

  7. They allow us to procrastinate

    We humans have the strong need to procrastinate for a few minutes every now and then to get a relief from the daily stress we experience. Social networks are considered a good procrastination tool, which is why many people use them.

  8. They are for everybody

    Social networks can be used by almost any person no matter what their background or beliefs are. This is another factor that makes social networks so popular. (See Why is Instagram so popular?)

  9. They are becoming a Necessity

    Social networks became so popular that they became a necessity. A person who doesn’t have a social network account can easily feel left out.

  10. They help people vent

    Social networks help people vent by allowing them to express their opinions about the different matters they are interested in.

  11. They are free

    Most Social networks are free for use. This made it easy for them to become popular among large groups of people.

  12. They have multiple uses

    Social networks have a wide array of uses, and as a result, they attract people who have different goals. This is another reason why they are very popular.

  13. They allow people to stay in touch

    Social networks allow people to connect with their friends and relatives. Many people use social networks in order to stay in touch with the ones who matter.

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