Why smartphones are bad for society?

Smartphones revolutionize our lives—but at what cost? 14 Reasons Why Smartphones Are Bad For Society
  1. They can lead to car accidents

    Many people text while driving. This habit is known to increase the rate of accidents and can thus be harmful for society.

  2. They distract people

    Mobile phones act as a serious distraction to people and can prevent them from doing so many activities properly.

  3. They impact social relationships

    Mobile phones prevent people from fully engaging with friends and relatives. People keep checking their phones in social events, and as a result, they do not interact with each other much.

  4. They lower social skills

    So many people use their smartphones to escape from the social situations they don’t feel comfortable in. This habit leads to the underdevelopment of social skills and self-confidence. A person waiting alone for their friends might use a phone to distract themselves and feel comfortable.

  5. They reduce intimacy

    Smartphones can make people feel less connected to each other since each person can be living in their own virtual world. This can weaken the connections between people and reduce the intimacy between them.

  6. They reduce the quality of sleep

    Smartphones can reduce the sleep quality of a person. If the person checks their phone before sleeping, sleeps beside the phone or checks it during the night then their quality of sleep will get badly affected.

  7. It reduces the attention span

    Smartphones reduce the attention span of people and makes them easily distracted. As a a result of the continuous use of smartphones, so many people became unable to focus for long periods of time. (See How to Improve Your Attention Span?)

  8. They lead to boredom

    According to psychologists, when a person keeps checking something over and over hoping for a reward, the brain’s reward circuits can be overloaded. This habit can lead to increased feelings of boredom since many activities will become boring compared to over-checking of the phone.

  9. They reduce intimacy after sex

    According to a study, 1 in 5 people check their phones right after sex. This can reduce the amount of intimate talk between couples and thus lead to lower levels of intimacy. (See Why some people fear intimacy?)

  10. They waste a lot of time

    According to a study, people spend about 3 hours per day staring at their mobile phones. This means that people waste about one complete day every week checking their phones.

  11. They reduce human interactions

    Many people prefer to text or use social media over making phone calls or meeting people in real life. This habit can reduce human interactions and lead to weaker relationships.

  12. Can negatively impact education

    Smartphones can prevent students from focusing on class and can act as a serious distraction. The fact that many phones have games and other distracting apps can motivate students to play instead of focus on their lessons.

  13. It can be bad for health

    Many studies have shown that the over-use of mobile phones for long periods of time can lead to harmful health effects including weaker eye sight.

  14. They can lead to overworking

    The fact that a person with a smartphone is connected 24 hours to the internet can force them to check work related emails or tasks every now and then. This habit can prevent a person from truly relaxing and can result in increased stress.

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