Why Sex is Addictive?

What Causes Sexual Addiction? Why sex is addictive? Compulsive Sexual Behavior (Sexual addiction)
  1. The powerful chemicals released

    Many powerful feel good chemicals are released during sex. Those chemicals can motivate the person to seek the same experience over and over again.

  2. Sexual abuse or trauma

    According to a study done in the USA, 80% of those who suffered from sex addiction have been through some kind of trauma or sexual abuse during their childhood.

  3. Sensation-seeking behavior

    Those who display sensation-seeking behavior are more at risk of developing sex addiction. The sensation-seeking behavior can be connected to a person’s genes.

  4. Impulsive and emotional dysregulation problems

    Those who have impulsive behavior and emotional dysregulation problems are at a higher risk of developing sex addiction. Sex addicts might thus also suffer from other kinds of addiction.

  5. Higher levels of sex hormones

    Higher levels of sex hormones such as testosterone or estrogen can increase sexual desire and make the person more likely to become a sex addict. (See How does it feel like to have high levels of testosterone?)

  6. Depression causes sex addiction

    Depression can be one of the factors contributing to sex addiction. In such a case, sex is used as a mood regulation method. (See How does it feel like to be depressed?)

  7. Performance anxiety

    Performance anxiety can motivate some people to become sex addicts. In such a case, the person becomes addicted to sex as a means of compensation.

  8. Emotional rejection

    When a person suffers from emotional rejection, they might seek other ways to compensate for their emotional needs. In such a case, that person might become a sex addict, as the person believes that getting sex represents getting emotional gratification from others.

  9. Biochemical abnormality

    Sex addiction is not fully understood but it is believed that biochemical abnormality or other brain changes increase the risk.

  10. Dysfunctional families

    Research has shown that sex addicts usually come from dysfunctional families. Sex addicts usually describe their parents as rigid or uncaring.

  11. Family history of addiction

    According to one study, 80% of sex addicts reported some time of addiction that was present in their family members.

  12. Brain damage

    Some disorders that can cause damage to some parts of the brain, such as dementia, multiple sclerosis, and Huntington’s disease, can cause sex addiction.

  13. Re-wiring of the brain

    Compulsive sexual activity can lead to re-wiring of the brain in such a case that the person becomes addicted to sex and is unable to stop.

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