Why Rome is so famous?

What is Rome Known For? Why Rome is so famous? Discover Why Rome is Famous For
  1. The Roman Empire was very powerful

    The Roman empire was one of the strongest and most famous empires in history. The fact that Rome was the center of the Roman empire gave the city a powerful reputation in modern history.

  2. The Catholic Church is in Rome

    Rome is famous for being the place where the catholic church is located inside the Vatican city. This fact gave Rome another religious dimension that made it more famous.

  3. It’s like an open museum

    Rome has many ancient buildings surviving since the time of The Roman Empire, including the Coliseum, the Pantheon and other structures. The country is like an open museum with so many places tourists can see.

  4. The Roman architecture

    The Roman architecture was very advanced during the time of the Roman Empire. Many of the structures built back then still stand to this day. This gave Rome another reason to become popular.

  5. Italian food is so popular around the world. Italians were the ones to make famous foods such as pizza and pasta popular.

  6. The Romans spread their language and culture

    The Romans spread their language and culture everywhere they went during the highs of their empire. This gave the Romans more popularity and so made Rome a popular city.

  7. It was the center of the Roman rule

    The Romans ruled over most Europe during their time. As Rome was the center of their rule, the city become more famous in modern days.

  8. Has a large number of attractions

    Rome has a large number of attractions scattered around the city. The fact that there are so many popular sites to see in Rome made it very famous among tourists and people interested in sightseeing. (See Why do people like to go to Croatia?)

  9. The home of very famous artists

    Rome is also famous for being the home of extremely famous artists such as Michelangelo, Raphael and many other famous artists.

  10. The home of famous leaders

    Many famous leaders such as Augustus, Nero, Marcus Aurelius and Julius Caesar made Rome an even more famous place in early times and modern history.

  11. Nice weather

    Rome has relatively good weather compared to many other countries which are either colder or hotter. This made Rome more famous as a touristic destination. (See Why do some people love rainy and dark weather?)

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