Why Resident Evil HD Remaster is a good game?

Resident Evil HD Remaster for Reviews | Why Resident Evil HD Remaster is a good game?
  1. It’s based on Resident Evil 1

    Resident Evil 1 was named one of the best games of all time, according to the many lists compiled by Wikipedia. Resident Evil HD Remaster is the HD remake of the game Resident Evil 1.

  2. Serious graphics make over

    The graphics of the game were changed dramatically. Each and every element was converted to a high resolution object. The result was that the game looked like a totally different game even for the original fans of Resident Evil 1.

  3. New content

    The game includes new areas, puzzles and items. Such a change helped the game seem more different than the original one.

  4. New weapons

    While most weapons remained the same, the game added a defense mechanism where last resort defensive weapons can be used such as tasers, flash grenades and small knives.

  5. New monsters added

    New monsters were added to the game such as the Crimson head zombie and the mutated Lisa. The ability to burn zombie bodies before they wake up again made the game more exciting.

  6. New puzzles added

    The addition of new puzzles gave the game another dimension of novelty and helped make it feel different than the original one.

  7. The great atmosphere remained the same

    The developers did a good job of leaving every good thing about the original game unchanged. This included the scary environment, the spooky looking rooms and the suspense arousing door-opening-mechanism.

  8. It feels like a new game

    Because of the serious changes made to the game, it looked and felt like a new game to many of the original fans. (See Differences between Chris and Jill – Resident Evil Remastered)

  9. Great replay value

    Just like the original game, the scenario of Chris is totally different than that of Jill. This gives the game a great replay value. In addition to that, the different difficulty levels are very challenging, which can motivate players to try different difficulties.

  10. A true survival horror

    Resident evil was considered one of the best survival horror games ever created. The HD version added another element of excitement and helped make the game more interesting. (See Why Resident Evil 7 is very scary?)

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