Why Resident Evil 7 VR experience is not good?

Resident Evil 7 in VR is a scary but compromised experience
  1. Degraded graphics

    Resident Evil 7 has impressive graphics but this changes greatly as soon as the VR headset is put on. The VR headset lowers the graphics and resolution to a great extent.

  2. Pixilated objects

    Many objects become pixelated when the VR headset is put on. Far away objects become less clear and humans appear unreal as a result of the pixelation.

  3. No move controllers support

    The game has no support for move controllers and this degrades the VR experience by making it less real. Move controllers are known to make a game more immersive and realistic.

  4. Movement is unreal

    When you turn around using the controller in Resident Evil, 7 a sudden 30 degree shift happens as if all the frames included in the process went missing. This was done to reduce motion sickness, but it greatly affected how realistic the movement looked.

  5. Changing from VR to normal requires saving

    In Resident Evil 7, you can’t shift from VR mode to normal mode without losing your unsaved progress. You need to do the change right after saving in order not to lose any progress. (See Why PlayStation VR is Bad?)

  6. It can cause motion sickness

    While the improved turning around mechanism helped a lot with reducing motion sickness, some players still reported having motion sickness while playing the game in VR and even the normal mode.

  7. Objects lack detail

    One of the things that make Resident Evil 7 very scary is the perfect attention to detail. As soon as the headset is put on, many of those details are lost and the game starts to look very different. (See Batman Arkham VR Story and Ending Explained)

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