Why redheads are different?

How Are Redheads Unique and Different? Why redheads are different?
  1. Readheads are rare

    People with red hair that varies in color from burnt orange to bright copper, also known as redheads or gingers, are only 1-2% of the world’s population.

  2. The fact that this special hair color is due to genetic mutation

    The red hair results from a genetic mutation in Melanocortin 1 Receptor, MC1R, gene that encodes one of the most important proteins responsible for human hair color. As this color is not common, a recessive trait, both parents should have at least one copy of the mutated gene.

  3. They are more likely to be left-handed

    Though there’s no sufficient scientific evidence to support this, but it’s well known that mutations pair together, so redheads have a great chance of being left-handed. (See What makes left handed people different?)

  4. They are more sensitive to extreme temperatures

    Redheads can’t stand neither too hot nor too cold weather. The reason is thought to be that MC1R gene can deliver an over excitation of the gene responsible for temperature detection in humans.

  5. They are less responsive to anesthetics

    Researches proved that redheads suffer much more pain that others with dominant brown or blond hair because mutated MC1R gene encodes another receptor responsible for pain perception. Thus they need extra doses of local anesthetics during surgeries, especially dental ones.

  6. Their bodies generate Vitamin D on their own

    Studies showed that redheads’ bodies can’t absorb the amount of vitamin D required for the body health efficiently due to the low melanin concentration, therefore their bodies produce their own Vitamin D when exposed to low light.

  7. They have thicker hair

    Though redheads have much less hair than others with blond or brown hair, their hair strands are much thicker.

  8. Their hair color fades in a special way

    Their hair never goes gray by age. When the color fades, it gives a distinctive blond or silver-white color.

  9. There is scientific evidence that redheads have more orgasms

    The mutated MC1R gene causes redheads to respond differently to physical stimulation from others with dominant hair colors. Researches proved that redheads have the highest orgasm rate, a 41% orgasm rate.

  10. They are thought to have distinctive scents

    Many studies showed that the bodies of redheads produce special, pleasant pheromones, chemicals produced by the body that change the behavior of another organism of the same species and are responsible for instantaneous attraction. Pheromones of redheads are described to have musk or amber smell.

  11. Redhead gals get more sex

    Studies carried out by German scientist showed then women with redhead get sex more often than others with dominant hair colors. Another study found that the redhead women get sex three times a week on average, while their blonde and brunette counterparts receive twice a week. (See Why Sex is Addictive?)

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