Why reading makes you sleepy?

Why Does Reading Make You Sleepy? Why do I get sleepy when I start reading?
  1. Eyes get tired of movement

    Reading requires constant eye movement. This movement could let the eye tire and so you might feel like closing them. This can make you feel sleepy.

  2. The brain gets exhausted

    The reading process requires the brain to keep processing texts and converting them to meaningful words. This process can tire the brain thus lead to the state of sleepiness.

  3. Your position is comfortable

    Most people sit comfortably while reading. The fact that most muscles are allowed to relax in a comfortable position can make the person who reads feel sleepy.

  4. The book is not interesting

    If the book you are reading is not interesting enough then your mind will wander and this could cause sleepiness. (See Why some people find it hard to read a book?)

  5. You read in bed

    When a person gets into bed his subconscious mind automatically recalls the sleeping process. When you read in your bed you will actually be asking your mind to make you sleepy.

  6. Too much information

    If you are reading fast or receiving too much information then your brain might get overloaded and you might feel sleepy. (See Why is it so hard to read on a computer screen?)

  7. You don’t read often

    Reading requires a certain amount of effort to be done by the brain and the eyes. If you don’t read often then probably you will find the reading process tiring and you will feel like falling asleep.

  8. Bad lighting

    If the lighting is poor then your eyes will need to do more effort. This will make you more likely to feel sleepy.

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