Why Political Globalization is Important?

What is Political Economy Globalization? What is the Difference between Economic and Political Globalization? What are the Positive and Negative Effects of Globalization? 
why political globalization is important
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Political globalisation is assessed by aggregating and balancing statistics of a country’s number of embassies and high commissioners, membership in international bodies, participation in UN peacekeeping operations, and the number of international treaties signed by that country. Let’s find out what is political globalization in contemporary world and why political globalization is important. Scroll down the article to find out the positive effects of globalization and the difference between economic and political globalization.

1. What is Political Globalization in Contemporary World?

why political globalization is important 1
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Before discussing why political globalization is important, you need to understand political globalization in contemporary world to further comprehend how they are interconnected. The basic term of political globalisation means global governance.

For instance, economic globalisation brings all the nations together under one roof or economic institutions like the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, or the International Monetary Funds to handle and boost trade relations between different nations effectively. Likewise, political globalization in contemporary world means that international organisations like the UN or WHO will be in a position to take governmental or administrative actions for or against any nation at an international level. Also, check out how war affects economy?

2. What is Political Economy Globalization?

Political economy globalization refers to the growing interdependence of global economies due to the increasing cross-border trade of goods and services, the movement of international capital, and the vast and quick spread of new technologies globally. It shows the ongoing development and mutual integration of market frontiers. Another major force driving economic globalization is the fast-growing importance of information in all productive activities. In the next segments, you will learn why political globalization is important and how it works. (See What is the Importance of Demography?)

3. How does Globalization Politics work?

Political globalisation has several interpretations, similar to the term globalization. It has been discussed with new emancipatory opportunities, as well as loss of autonomy and social world fragmentation. You may observe political globalisation in shifts like global democratisation, the establishment of a global civil society, and the abandonment of the nation-state as the primary player in politics.

One of the archetypal cases of political globalisation is said to be the founding and continued existence of the United Nations. Another example would be political measures taken by social reforms and non-governmental groups that care about issues like environmental conservation. In simple terms, through political integration initiatives like the European Union and intergovernmental institutions like the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization, politics may now occur above the level of the state as a result of globalisation. Globalization politics works in such a way that NGOs and global movements can help political activities transcend national borders.

In civil society, NGOs can form alliances with other countries’ organisations and act on a global scale by using various communication systems. These societies and NGOs may bypass relations with the national governments and directly work with international organizations. So, let’s suppose a country’s government is corrupt and does not fulfil its obligations effectively. Then political globalisation will give enough power to civil society and international NGOs to take action against such governments or political parties. (See What were the Strengths of the Articles of Confederation?)

4. What is the Difference between Economic and Political Globalization?

Economic globalisation describes the process through which no national economy is now isolated since they have all been, to a greater or lesser degree, integrated into an interconnected global economy. Economic globalisation lets manufacturing become more internationalised in such an economy, so money moves easily and quickly across nations. However, internationalisation and economic globalisation should be separated from one another. It is a qualitative shift towards deep integration, as territorial boundaries are shifted through the formation of a centralised global marketplace.

Political globalisation is frequently viewed as a way to control or manage economic globalisation. Political globalisation, however, might be correctly interpreted as referring to the global dissemination of political structures or concepts (such as human rights, and liberal democracy). This is the difference between economic and political globalization. (See What is Scarcity and Choice in Economics?)

5. What is an Example of Political Globalization?

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One of the most iconic examples of political globalisation is the United Nations and its continued existence. Political agreements between nations frequently result in the easing of cross-border labour mobility restrictions. Millions of people now have opportunities to immigrate or leave the country as a result. The freedom to move among the 27 member nations of the European Union is the most prominent example of this. Also, check out the 6 official languages of UN.

Other examples of political globalization are NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), a military pact between member countries around the world to deal with Russia’s aggression.

6. Why Political Globalization is important?

Political globalization helps to blur the boundaries of the nation-state and decrease friction amongst them. It also covers the political and social lives of people. Some of the major factors that display why political globalization is important are:

  • It eases the migration process by lowering the barriers between countries. 
  • The trade process between the nations becomes simple and well-ordered, which further helps to boost local businesses.
  • Political globalisation boosts agreements between nations on common standards for intellectual property, environmental protection, and labour laws. These agreements encourage businesses to spread their wings globally, which helps to generate more jobs around the world.
  • Some claim that it has also caused nation-states to play a smaller role as a result of giving up some control and authority to international organisations. For instance, regardless of their disagreement, many countries are forced to accept the decisions of the international court of arbitration. This is why political globalization is important.

7. What are the Effects of Political Globalization?

Globalization has altered the attitudes, behaviours, and actions of people, nations, and states, and even the socio-political structure of society by eradicating geographical, political, and cultural barriers as well as transcending time and space. Must read which settlers migrated to the backcountry and why?

In comparison to its conventional conception, democracy has undergone an additional transformation as a result of political globalisation. In this new definition, democracy encompasses more than the participation process, elections, representation, low-level rule, and political & urban freedom. However, it needs to be defined as a measurement of how civil institutions evolve in nations and how they interact with global culture. In terms of politics, there have been several evolutions, some of which are listed below:

  • Spreading of Civil Society: Political globalisation led to the emergence of global civil society, which is distinct from national civil society and the civil society that exists inside nation-states. All ultra-individual and understated organisations, movements, and groups are considered to be a part of global civil society.
  • Growth of middle class: Through the growth of urban institutions, parties, and national and supranational groupings and movements, political globalisation helped to strengthen and develop the middle class.
  • Nation-State and Globalization: The influence of globalisation on nation-states as a historical event is its most significant political consequence. Some people think that political globalisation will end state dominance.

It implies that governments’ power and autonomy are diminished as a result of globalisation. Other organisations argue that the nation-state will collapse as a result of the globalisation phenomenon. This is why political globalization is important. 

8. What are the Positive Effects of Globalization?

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The following positive effects of globalisation can rightfully explain why political globalization is important. So, take a look:

  • Globalization has brought multinational companies to developing nations, which has led to new jobs and employees learning new skills.
  • It has also brought foreign currency into the local economy.
  • Socially, globalisation has brought people of different cultures and races together from all over the world. People of different races are working together due to globalization. They are sharing their lifestyles and ideas and also building a new, diverse culture, which is one of the positive effects of globalization. 

9. What is the Positive Effect of Political Globalization in the USA?

The positive effects of political globalisation in the USA include:

  • Increased trade relations with other countries.
  • Common standards for intellectual property, labour, war crimes, and environmental protection have been set to promote uniform administration and equal rights and to stop any country from doing injustice to its people.

Every nation must accept the rulings of the International Court of Justice. For example, building the European Union and including all the member countries to make the European continent a peaceful place to live and promote human rights and freedom across the continent. (See What are the Characteristics of Population?)

10. What is the Economic Impact of Political Globalization?

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You already know the difference between economic and political globalization now let’s discuss the economic impact of political globalization. So, why political globalization is important for global business? Political globalisation strengthens nations’ relations with one another. People of friendly countries migrate to each other’s nations. It helps build trust, and due to this, trade relations improve and employment opportunities are boosted. (See What is a Fundamental Economic Problem?)

11. What is the Negative Effect of Political Globalization?

Despite the continued emphasis on fostering global wealth and creating a fairer world, the negative effects of globalisation are still widespread in our world. Serious issues that many cultures are still dealing with, include poverty, inequality, injustice, famine, backwardness, and marginalisation.

As a result, globalisation has had a profound impact on the cultural and political spheres of individual and state life. Globalization, with the emergence of new concepts of culture and politics, as well as the emergence of new political and cultural players on national, regional, and global scales, has resulted in a world that is significantly different from the past. The new political and cultural discourse that has dominated human civilization has had the greatest influence, and it should not be underestimated. Hope you understood why political globalization is important and the positive effects of globalization. (See Why the United States is called a nation of immigrants?)

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