Why PlayStation VR is Bad?

Why Sony PlayStation VR gaming is bad? Why PlayStation 4 Fans are Annoyed at PlayStation VR?
  1. It’s not very light

    Even though the PlayStation VR is considered one of the very comfortable VR headsets, it’s still not that light (around 610 grams), and its weight can be felt on the head. Some players might be uncomfortable carrying that weight on their head.

  2. Too many wires

    The PlayStation VR has too many wires that could result in a mess. The player has to have a main wire connected to their headsets, another wire for the headphones coming out of the original wire and a third wire in case the controller needs charging.

  3. Complex setup

    The PlayStation VR doesn’t connect to the PlayStation directly, but instead it has to connect to a box and this box has to be in turn connected to the PlayStation. The setup is complex and the player has to be cautious because so many parts are actually connected to the headset they are wearing.

  4. Motion sickness for some people

    The Playstation VR can cause serious motion sickness to some people. It can easily lead to an upset stomach, dizziness and even vomiting. A player has to try it first before buying it in order to know how vulnerable they are.

  5. 2D display when connected to PC

    While the PSVR can be connected to the Xbox and PC, the display is going to be a 2D large display, as the 360 motion detection won’t be working. (See Why Playstation 4 is good?)

  6. A relatively wide space is needed

    Most PSVR games can be played while the person is seated, but the place needs to be obstacle-free, as the person might need to move right and left to avoid certain objects. The hands must also be allowed to extend freely in all directions without hitting any obstacles.

  7. Can cause headaches

    If worn incorrectly, the PSVR can cause headaches because of its weight and the large strap a person has to put around their head.

  8. A small number of games

    PSVR is relatively new and so there are still few titles that support VR. This is expected to change in the near future if the device proves to be successful. (See Why Resident Evil 7 VR experience is not good?)

  9. 100-degree field of view

    Some experts criticized the PSVR for having only a 100-degree field of view. This relatively limited angle can make the experience less immersive.

  10. Move controllers aren’t very smooth

    The PS Move controllers aren’t very smooth compared to what the rivals have to offer. The balls of light motion controllers aren’t as accurate as the infrared motion controllers used by rivals.

  11. Has many mini-games

    Many of the VR games for PSVR are actually mini-games instead of full games with a storyline with the exception of a few. This can change in the near future if the VR headset took off.

  12. The games are short

    Some of the very successful Playstation VR games are actually very short. Arkham VR and London heist are examples of very good but really short games.

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