Why Paris is the city of Love?

Why is Paris called the city of love? Why we call Paris the city of love and romance?
  1. Its romantic setting

    Paris is a city that has a romantic setting. The architecture, lights, monuments and visuals make the city very suitable for romantic trips.

  2. It’s the epicenter of the Romanticism artistic current

    According to a Quora thread, Paris was the epicenter of the Romanticism artistic current. During that phase, artists such as Victor Hugo and Stendha appeared and helped in shaping Paris’ image as a romantic city.

  3. The lighting

    The light setting in many areas of Paris makes the city seem more suited for Romance.

  4. Popularity as a honeymoon destination

    Many people go to Paris to spend their honeymoons. This popularity reinforced the city’s reputation as a city of romance or love.

  5. The romantic walks

    Paris has many places where couples can have a romantic walk such as the walk along the Seine River. This makes the city a good choice for romantic couples looking to spend time together and is one of the reasons the city got this reputation.

  6. French is the language of love

    Because French has the reputation of being the language of love, it fortifies Paris’ reputation as a city of love since French is the main spoken language there. (See Why do people like to go to Croatia?)

  7. There are many romantic things to do

    There are many romantic activities that a person can do in Paris which include taking a night cruise in the Seine river and visiting the Eiffel tower at night. The availability of many romantic activities helps give Paris its reputation as the city of love.

  8. The media fueled the reputation

    The media, including Hollywood movies, fueled the reputation of Paris as the city of love. This helped strengthen the reputation of the city as the number one romantic destination.

  9. Public display of affection

    The French culture is more tolerant of public display of affection than other places. This could have led to increasing the city’s reputation as a romantic destination.

  10. It turned into a brand for love

    Over the years, Paris has turned into a brand as the city of love. As the brand became stronger, many people came to know it that way. (See Why do some people love rainy and dark weather?)

  11. The Eiffel Tower is connected with romance

    The way the Eiffel Tower’s lights look at night gave it a romantic reputation. The Eiffel Tower became a popular place for marriage proposals and this gave the reputation of Paris as a city of love another push.

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