Why Netflix is so popular?

Why Is Netflix So Popular Despite Its Limited Selection? The Reasons Behind Netflix’s Success
  1. It has a variety of shows

    Netflix has a wide variety of shows. It has old and new shows.

  2. It has a variety of movies

    Netflix has a wide variety of movies as well. However, the quantity of movies is less than the shows.

  3. It is cheap

    Netflix doesn’t cost much to become a member. A monthly subscription doesn’t exceed $10.

  4. It is an e-service

    It’s an online service that can be accessed anywhere using a laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

  5. It doesn’t require cable

    Netflix doesn’t require cable or Satellite service to be played. It only requires an Internet connection.

  6. It doesn’t require a TV

    It doesn’t require a television screen to be played. It can simply be accessed through a computer or a laptop.

  7. It suggests shows for you

    Based on your interests, shows that you watched and movies that you watched, Netflix suggests movies and shows to watch, which is similar to YouTube.

  8. It has original shows

    Netflix funds original shows. An example of the original shows are stranger things. (See Why do people binge-watch TV shows?)

  9. It’s fast

    It doesn’t require a fast Internet connection, as it adjusts to your connection speed through lowering the quality of the product.

  10. It helps with boredom

    Netflix is one of the most common ways to watch shows and movies nowadays. It is a good time killer, according to many users.

  11. It keeps adding new shows and movies

    Netflix is not only good for the enormous amount of data on it, but because it adds new shows and movies almost daily.

  12. It has a lot of classics

    There are a lot of classic movies on Netflix which are considered to be some of the best movies in the history of cinema.

  13. It has a rating system

    Netflix has a rating system which is very fitting for the movies that you don’t know much about. Instead of checking websites to find out the rating of the movie, the Netflix user will let you know what they think through a five star rating system.

  14. It’s easier than movie piracy

    Many people find it easier to find a movie on Netflix than to search for a pirated movie elsewhere.

  15. Its movies and shows are in HD

    Netflix has movies and shows with high resolution. If a person’s connection supports it, the movies and shows will be played in HD. (See Why Netflix has very few Movies?)

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