Why Mr Bean series stopped?

Why was Rowan Atkinson tired of working for Mr. Bean? Why Mr Bean series stopped?
  1. Rowan Atkinson got older

    Rowan Atkinson, the actor playing Mr Bean, said that he got older and that he shouldn’t be playing something childish at that age.

  2. Mr Bean should be young

    Atkinson said that Mr bean must be young and that he doesn’t like the idea of Mr bean getting old. He said he prefers to leave Mr bean at that ageless and timeless zone.

  3. Acting childish makes one sad

    Atkinson said that when a person reaches his 50s, acting childish can make him sad, so a person should be careful.

  4. Change in comedy tastes

    Atkinson said that these days most comedy shows aren’t family shows but they are more directed to grown ups. The fact that comedy tastes changed over the years could have been a part of the decision.

  5. Atkinson doesn’t want to get stuck

    Atkinson hinted that being stuck in one character could prevent him from taking on different roles. This could have been one reason behind the decision. (See Why do people binge-watch TV shows?)

  6. Atkinson wants more serious roles

    Some people suggest that Atkinson wants more serious roles and that’s why he stopped playing Mr Bean.

  7. Doesn’t want to be known as Mr Bean

    According to a thread in answers.com, Atkinson didn’t like the fact that people knew him as Mr Bean and he wanted to be known as himself. (See Why Mr Bean is popular?)

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