Why Mr Bean is popular?

Why is Mr. Bean so immensely popular among people of all ages? What made Mr. Bean famous?
  1. It is funny

    Many people think that Mr Bean is funny. While some people might think that it’s childish, a large number of people actually loved the show.

  2. No language barrier

    Mr Bean is a silent character and hardly speaks. This made it possible for his show to be watched in more than 200 countries without problems.

  3. Targets all ages

    Mr Bean’s show targets almost all ages. It’s not uncommon for both adults and children to watch his show.

  4. It’s a family show

    Mr Bean is a family show. It doesn’t have the kind of adult humor that would make the show bad for kids. This resulted in a larger number of people watching it. (See Why do people binge-watch TV shows?)

  5. Mr Bean never gives up

    Mr Bean never gives up on what’s in his mind. This makes the show funnier, as he does weird things in order to get what’s in his mind done.

  6. People feel better about themselves

    According to psychologists, when people see a clumsy, funny character that often gets embarrassed, they unconsciously feel better about themselves.

  7. Rowan Atkinson is a talented actor

    Rowan Atkinson is a talented actor who got famous for his ability to make people laugh. The way he plays Mr Bean and the facial expressions he makes made the show funnier.

  8. Physical humor is easier to understand

    Language based humor can be harder to understand than physical based humor. Any person would instantly recognize the joke when it’s based on physical humor.

  9. Physical humor offends no one

    Verbal humor can be funny for some people and offending for others. Physical humor appeals to almost everyone since it offends no one. (See Why Mr Bean series stopped?)

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