Why most Egyptians sleep late?

How Many Hours Do Egyptians Sleep? Why most Egyptians sleep late?
  1. It’s part of the culture

    A normal part of the Egyptian culture is going to bed late. A typical Egyptian would hardly sleep before 12 am.

  2. To fit in

    As most people sleep late, it would be hard for a person to sleep early as he will have a hard time seeing his friends or fitting in.

  3. Shops close late

    Most shops, restaurants and coffee shops close their doors late after midnight. Many coffee shops work almost 24/7.

  4. Many people go late to work

    Many Egyptians go late to work every day. This fact encourages some people to sleep a bit late.

  5. Interesting TV programs

    Many of the interesting TV programs Egyptians watch are displayed late at night.

  6. Egyptians hang out everyday

    Many Egyptians developed the habit of hanging out every day instead of just hanging out in the weekends. As a result of this habit, many of them arrive to their homes late.

  7. Peer pressure

    People who sleep early are forced to conform to the widespread habit of sleeping late as a result of peer pressure. (See How peer pressure may influence an individual?)

  8. They sleep for a few hours

    In order to adapt with the culture and to satisfy their needs, including the need of hanging out every day, many Egyptians learned to sleep for just a few hours.

  9. They are more flexible

    Part of the Egyptian culture is being flexible when it comes to time. An appointment given at 8 might actually refer to 8:30 or even 9. This cultural influence made many Egyptians more flexible when it comes to sleeping hours.

  10. They are rebellious

    Many Egyptians have a rebellious nature which forces them to break the rules. This rebellious nature might have contributed to the habit of sleeping late.

  11. They go home late

    Most Egyptians stay out until a late time and as a result they arrive to their homes late. This habit forces many of them to sleep late. (See 15 reasons it’s extremely stressful to drive a car in Egypt)

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