Why many people like Final Fantasy 9?

What is so amazing about the Final Fantasy franchise? 13 Reasons Final Fantasy IX is the best
  1. Lovable characters

    Many people liked FF9 characters and described them as lovable, sympathetic, adorable, humorous and interesting.

  2. Was much better compared to FF8

    Many people found FF9 much better compared to FF8, and as a result, they liked it a lot. This happened mostly to the ones who were disappointed by FF8.

  3. Great music

    The music of FF9 was well received. Many players praised the game’s soundtracks. The good music got people more emotionally connected to the game.

  4. Bright, colorful and beautiful

    Many players described the game as bright, colorful and beautiful, especially when it was compared to Final Fantasy 8. (See Why are bright colors eye-catching?)

  5. Indulging story

    Many players said that the story was indulging and absorbing. The game had a high fantasy setting which absorbed players into its world easily.

  6. Humorous and uplifting

    The game had many humorous parts which made it interesting to play and uplifting.

  7. Interesting side games

    The game had very interesting side games such as card games, which appealed to many players. (See Why Some people didn’t like Final Fantasy XV?)

  8. Love story which wasn’t the main theme

    The game had an interesting love story which wasn’t the main theme, unlike final fantasy 8 which focused on the love story more than the bigger purpose of the game.

  9. Characters look like cartoon characters

    The fact the game’s characters look like cartoon characters made the game more peaceful and enjoyable.

  10. Great graphics

    The game had very nice graphics that helped people easily get absorbed in its world.

  11. Good character development

    The game got praised for the good character development it had. Characters evolved in a good way according to many critics.

  12. It was nostalgic

    The game had many elements borrowed from the old Final Fantasy games and so it made players feel nostalgic.

  13. Characters were very different

    Characters had different personalities, abilities and skills. This made them seem more interesting to players.

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