Why Lucky Number 9 is Auspicious?

Do you believe that some things are lucky or unlucky? Is luck actually related to a number or it’s just a misconception?  Is 9 an angelic number?
Lucky Number 9

Number 9 has a huge significance in our lives. For instance, Navagraha, which means 9 different planets. Even a child lasts 9 months in his mother’s womb before being born. Let us discuss the various reasons why lucky number 9 is considered auspicious.

1. In Mythology

Mythology associates number 9 with Lord Brahma, who is the creator of the universe. Further Navagraha and Navratri also depict number nine, which bring prosperity and joy. In the bible, number 9 stands for completion of the holy spirit of God. Similarly, number 09 is the sacred monogram for the Moon Goddess of the Mayas. This is why lucky number 9 is auspicious.

2. In Tarot Deck

Number 9 on the deck symbolizes self-examination. Further, it shows the willingness to listen to advice, which is the card of the hermit.

3. In Hindu Literature

  • When talking about 108 Upanishads, the number sums up to = 1+0+8=9.
  • Further, there are 18 chapters of Bhagavad Gita and Mahabharat, which sums up to = 1+8=9.
  • Additionally, there are 18 Major Puranas, having a total of 1+8=9.
  • The four centuries are Kali Yuga (4,32,000 years): 4+3+2=9, Dvapara Yuga (864,000 years): 8+6+4=18, Treta Yuga (1,296,000 years): 1+2+9+6=18, Satya Yuga (1,728,000 years): 1+7+2+8=18, and Kalpa Yuga (432,000,000 years): 4+3+2=9.

Each of the above is a multiple of 9. (See also Why is 666 the number of the devil?)

4. In Sanatana Dharma

It is believed that the mother goddess waged a war for 9 days to fight the demons to bestow peace in the world. Hence, these nine days are considered one of the most auspicious events in Sanatana Dharma.

5. In Navrasa

Navrasa is the artistic expression of the ancient Indian dance form, involving music, drama, sculpture, and art expression.

  • Shringara rasa denotes love and peace.
  • Hasya rasa denotes laughter and is represented by white color.
  • Roudra rasa displays the furious curiosities of life and is denoted by black color.
  • Karuna ras is subtle and peaceful, which is displayed by grey color.
  • Veer ras displays valor and Lord Brahma, which is denoted by yellow color.
  • Vatsalya, Bhakti, and Bhayanaka are the emotions that can further be depicted by artistic expressions.

6. In the Bible

Jesus was nailed on the cross at the ninth hour. Moreover, after the resurrection, Jesus appeared around nine times in front of his disciples. (See Which are the 66 books of the Bible, in the same order as listed in the book?)

Bible Lucky Number 9

7. The Nine Days Queen

Lady Jane Grey was the queen of England for 9 days after which she was beheaded due to the charge of treason on 12 February 1554. She is known as the Nine days queen and thereafter, number 9 is considered to be lucky in England.

8. Sacred Name for the Sun

Nine is described as the sacred mountain and the name for the sun. Hence, it is considered as lucky number 9. (Also read 18 Fun Facts About Space)

9. Angelic Number 9

Lucky number 9 is a representation involving ideas such as humanity, compassion, & enlightenment. Theories believe that number nine has the strongest vibrations. It helps detach with old issues, and inculcates empathetic listening,

10. Period of Human Gestation

It is a well-known fact that human gestation lasts up to 9 months. Therefore, lucky number 9 represents the birth of a child that brings happiness and joy in someone’s life.

11. Flats/Apartments with No. 9 Sell/Rent Quicker

Researches have shown that the apartment with a door number that sums

up to 9 gets booked faster as compared to the rest of the houses. Property dealers revealed that rooms on the 9th floor have a higher selling rate as compared to rooms on other floors. Further, it’s profitable since they can charge a higher price than the rest. (See Is Seven Really a Lucky Number?)

12. Use In Company Logos

The manufacturer of batteries and kitchen appliances, Eveready has a logo with number 9 and a cat hopping through the loop of number 9. This Kolkata-based company claims to have 9 times better outlasting capacity, making it an effective marketing strategy. (Also see What Does Dominos Logo Mean?)

13. Higher Sales

The so-called lucky number 9 has been found to add a special advantage to car sellers. Prominent businessmen prefer to buy cars having number plates 999 or 9999 or with numbers that add up to 9. This belief is based on the fact that 9 is believed to be the number of Ganesha and Jesus.

 14. Number 9 in China

In China, number 9 or Jiu stands for everlasting. This number is considered complete as it is the highest single-digit number. Moreover, the emperors used to wear nine-dragon imperial robes, and nine rank systems were used for officials in China. So, lucky number 9 is quite significant in China.

15. The Nine Bows

The Nine bows represent the enemies of Egypt. Hieroglyphics depicted that the nine bows were found on the base of Egypt’s throne to represent that the king walked over his captured enemies. This art was found under the shoes of Tutankhamun, the youngest emperor of Egypt who ascended the throne when he was 9 years old.

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