Why is The Last of Us Game Rated 18+

Is 14 an old enough age to play The Last of Us? Why is The Last of Us Game Rated 18+

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  1. 1 Bad language

    The game is full of bad language and swearing. Most of the characters of the game swear very often.

  2. 2 Child swearing

    One of the main characters of the game , Ellie, swears a lot even though she is just a little teen. Teens can learn to swear as a result of seeing Ellie swear all the time.

  3. 3 Lots of violence

    The game contains lots of violence and gore. Enemies are sometimes killed brutally and the player can also die a brutal death.

  4. 4 Shocking events

    The game contains shocking events that could trouble little kids. The most famous shocking event is the death of a small kid at the beginning of the game. See also why the last of us is so good.

  5. 5 It can be scary

    The game contains a lot of suspense and can be considered scary to kids. Kids can get affected by the scary creatures they see.

  6. 6 Disturbing voices

    The screams of infected people , zombies, can be disturbing and scary to kids.

  7. 7 Occasional sexual references

    The game has bad language and Occasional references to sex and sexual activities.

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