Why Is the Illuminati on the Dollar Bill?

What are Different Shapes on a Dollar Bill? What do these Shapes Symbolize? Who Proposed these designs to be on a Dollar?
why is the illuminati on the dollar bill

Many images are present on a dollar bill. Each of these shapes has some hidden meaning to it. It begs the question, why is the Illuminati on the dollar bill? And what does the pyramid on the dollar bill mean? Every symbol on the dollar bill has some significance. Let’s dive deep and go on a journey of the dollar bill and its cryptic symbols.

1. When was the One-Dollar Bill issued?

The very first one-dollar bill was issued in 1862 as a legal tender in the United States. Since then, the pictures and portraits of different Presidents have been printed on it. Apart from these portraits, several other images have also been put on them. Let’s go through the drafts of the official seal in the next segments which have a lot to say about the history of the dollar bill. (Also read Origin of Dollar Sign)

2. What are the Drafts of the Official Seal?

Why is the Illuminati on the dollar bill? To know this, you must read all the drafts of the dollar bill. Drafts of the official seal have different parts as it discussed numerous ideas to develop the seal.

A. First Draft

why is the illuminati on the dollar bill 3

  • When Congress freed the nation from colonial rule, they decided to form an official seal for the nation. They assigned this task to John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson. The trio of an author, lawyer and founding father of America appointed someone else to carry out this task.
  • Pierre Eugene du Simitiere, an artist was chosen to do it. He believed that the seal should have the initials of the thirteen states on a shield. It will be held by a female. She will be representing liberty as she will be holding a spear and an anchor as well.
  • It will also contain a man holding a tom hawk (a type of single-handed ax) and a rifle.
  • Finally, to show that God is showering his blessings on us, there will be the Eye of Providence surrounded by shining sunrays. The motto written on the seal will be Out of Many, One, but Congress rejected it on 20th August 1776. (Also read Value of Buck Dollar)

B. Second Draft

  • After ten years, in May 1780, Congress again thought of getting an official seal. This time they gave the task to William Churchill Houston, James Lovell, and John Morin Scott. Similar to the first trio, these three also hired another person to complete the work.
  • This time Francis Hopkinson was chosen and he took some inspiration from the previous draft. He stayed with the idea of a shield but included thirteen stripes instead of the initials of states.
  • Other things involved were an Indian man holding an arrow, thirteen stars, and an olive branch.
  • The date 1776 was included in roman numerals to indicate the year America declared its independence. The motto or slogan selected was Bello vel pace Paratus, which means prepared in war or in peace. This version of the seal was also rejected. (Also read How Did the Americans Win the Revolutionary War?)

C. Third Draft

why is the illuminati on the dollar bill 2

  • In May 1782, a third draft was prepared. This time Elias Boudinot, John Rutledge, and Arthur Middleton were selected. But unlike previous drafts, they were accompanied by a fourth person. A lawyer named William Barton got involved in the task. 
  • In his design, the Eye of Providence was above the pyramid, on the backside of the seal and it had an eagle. Why is the Illuminati on the dollar bill if this time the eye was not in a triangle? His selected slogan was With God Favoring. Congress rejected this version of the bill as well. (See How Much Money Do Banks Hold?)

D. Final Draft 

  • Congress had enough of drafts. So they assigned the task to their secretary Charles Thomson on 13th June 1782. Unlike others, he did not involve anyone else in this task. He took one or two things from each of the previous designs and presented them in a different manner.
  • He involved the olive branch but, a bald eagle was holding it in its one talon. For thirteen states, he kept thirteen arrows in the other talon of the eagle. It indicated that the United States was ready to fight to safeguard the interests of its states.
  • The head of the eagle was towards the olive branch symbolizing that the nation wants peaceful relations with other nations. He also kept thirteen stars above the eagle’s head to represent the thirteen states. He chose the motto E Pluribus Unum which represents, Out of Many, One.
  • Towards the left of the portrait of George Washington on the bill printed by the Federal Reserve Bank, there are thirteen alphabets from A to L. (Also read The Interesting History of Alphabet)
  • Starting from A and ending at L each alphabet symbolizes a state. In order, they are Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Richmond, Atlanta, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas, and San Francisco.
  • The reverse side of the seal had an unfinished pyramid with thirteen layers. The reason why is the Illuminati on the dollar bill was to show Divine Providence.
  • The Eye of Providence (the all-seeing eye of God), at its initial position, signifies that God is watching over the nation. At the base of the pyramid, the Roman numerals (MDCCLXXVI), for 1776, are mentioned. On 20th June 1782, this design was passed by Congress.  (Also read The History of Medieval Jesters)

3. What does the Pyramid on the Dollar Bill Mean?

why is the illuminati on the dollar bill 1

As mentioned there is a pyramid on the backside of the seal which has its own significance. It symbolizes duration and strength and the layers of the pyramid represented the states. It means the strength of the nation is unbreakable just like a pyramid. 

The Christians have developed the eye placed over the pyramid (Eye of Providence), in association with the Divine providence. It was surrounded by the pyramid triangle that symbolizes the Holy Trinity (The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) adding a strong meaning to it. Now, the question is, why is the Illuminati on the dollar bill? Let’s read about it in the next segment. (See Theory of Eternity of Life)

4. What do you know about the Rumors of Illuminati or Freemasons?

There are a few rumors related to the symbol and its meaning used in the dollar bill given by Illuminati and Freemasons and they are:

  • Illuminati was a secret society formed in the 15th century. It comprised of men claiming that they were enlightened. People believed that they created the Eye of Providence which was earlier proposed in the drafts of the official seal. So this is your answer to why is the Illuminati on the dollar bill. (Also read 4 Interesting Black Friday History Myths and Facts)
  • Freemasons were a group of builders who believed in and promoted fraternity. But unlike the Illuminati, they developed a symbol in the dollar which was the compass with a G in the center. The symbol was first discovered in the late renaissance European iconography. Must read about Ninja vs Samurai.

A dollar bill is not that insignificant after all. So, why is the Illuminati on the dollar bill? It is because people believed that the Illuminati gave their input in developing the official seal presenting the idea of the Eye of Providence. You also know what does the pyramid on the dollar bill means now. (See 6 Lesser Known St Valentine Facts)

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