Why is Subway Surfers so popular?

Why is the subway surfers app so popular? What is the story behind Subway Surfers?
  1. Defying authority

    Subway Surfers puts people in the psychological state of rebelling and defying authority. In the game, the kid uses a spray to color the wall then he quickly runs from the police officer and his dog. This allows some people, especially kids, to feel satisfied.

  2. The need for freedom

    The game helps people, especially kids, satisfy the need of freedom by disobeying rules and doing what they want in their own virtual world.

  3. Rebels relate to it

    If a person has a rebellious personality then he could feel satisfied as he clearly rebels against the authorities during the game.

  4. Many people like endless running games

    Endless running games are popular among mobile phone users. Subway surfers was among the best endless running games when it was first released. (See Why are endless running games so popular?)

  5. Colorful and cartoon-like enviroment

    The colorful cartoon-like environment puts people, especially adults, in a peaceful mood and helps them relax and forget about the real world.

  6. It’s easy to learn

    The game is very easy to learn with a very short learning curve. Such simplicity usually leads to an increased rate of adoption.

  7. Peaceful adrenaline rush

    The game provides people with an adrenaline rush in a peaceful and safe way. Unlike temple Run, which can be a little scary for kids, Subway Surfers’ environment is more friendly.

  8. Kids relate to the character

    Because the main character is a young boy, many kids relate to him and feel more emotionally connected to the game.

  9. Hard to master

    The game is simple to learn yet hard to master. This kind of combination can easily make a game addictive.

  10. Fun to play

    Many people described the game-play of Subway Surfers as funny and enjoyable.

  11. Relatively early release

    The game was released in 2012 when there was still relatively low competition from other games on mobile phones. (See Why is Candy Crush so popular?)

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