Why is Strawberry not a Berry?

Why Bananas Are Berries, But Strawberries Aren't? A Strawberry is Not a Berry

  1. 1 Name-Origin

    The story of the origin of the name strawberry is exciting and worth knowing. As per the information, this name comes from the 19th century when children from England plucked the fruit and sold them as they were hung on grass straws.

    It is also said that once it was called 'straw of berries.' But as per the latest theory, the name comes from the practice of using a straw to protect the growing plant when the fruits ripen.

  2. 2 Berry or not

    Berry is actually a botanical term, not a common English one. Strawberry is not a berry because a berry has seeds and pulp, which develops from the ovary of a flower. Therefore, strawberry is a fruit, not a berry; some of the true berries are cranberries and blueberries as they have seeds on the inside.

  3. 3 Other reasons

    You might have seen the yellow seeds on the strawberry's skin, which ensures that it is not a berry. Also, every seed that you see is precisely what you consider separate fruit and not the tasty reddish part.

  4. 4 A Fragola

    Italians invented a modern new name for this fruit called 'Fragola.' This word means the fragrance is in the Italian language. This fruit has never been put under the category of berries; instead is it is classified under genus Fragaria. This genus basically comes under the rose family.

  5. 5 Healthy Alternative

    Well, they might not come under the category of berries, but they still have a lot of healthy nutrients. Including it in your data can be genuinely beneficial for your overall wellbeing.

  6. 6 Full of vitamins

    As per diet experts, eating eight strawberries would provide you 88mg of Vitamin C that is 140% of the RDA. This meets the daily requirement of an individual for Vitamin C. (See Why is vitamin C good for you?)

  7. 7 Helps in weight loss

    Dietitians recommend including strawberry in the diet for people who wish to lose weight. Even if you consume a cup of unsweetened strawberries you would just intake 55 calories. The best thing is that, along with having good taste, it is also a fat-free alternative for people who wish to have a great diet.

  8. 8 Other health benefits

    Strawberries are rich in fiber, folic acid, potassium, and fiber as well. If you are expecting a baby, then consuming this can be a rich source of folic acid. Therefore, strawberries are a healthy choice for almost all sorts of diets. (See 22 Magnesium-Rich Foods that are Healthy)

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