Why is Philosophy important Today?

What is Philosophy? What is the importance of Philosophy? Is it still prevalent today? How are good Philosophies made?
Why is Philosophy important today

In general terms, this world is a place of love of wisdom. Bounding this term to a definition is a very complex and tough task to do. Individuals or groups of people engage in this activity where they think and discuss important subjects like life, time, morals, existence, and the worth of ourselves. These discussions deepen their understanding of the subjects. You have often heard or read different philosophies around the world. But have you ever wondered what is the importance of philosophy and why is philosophy important today? Read the article till the end and you will get to know all about it along with the solution to how did philosophy help you address your situation.

1. Why is Philosophy important Today?

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The answer to this question is very easy. When you want to learn truths about the world you seek science but when you want to know the truth about yourself you seek philosophy. In today’s world, everyone is busy seeking answers to these very questions, who am I, what am I here for, how was I here? They want to know the world within and around them better.

Human life is a time-bound entity, you need to know a lot in this life to make it big. Philosophy provides you with the wisdom to live your precious life wisely. It helps you analyze things, gives you questions, and develops your capacity to answer these questions. (Also  read PhD Vs PsyD in Psychology)

2. Why is Philosophy still important Today?

Why is philosophy important today? Well, philosophy has been in existence for ages and will be in existence for ages to come. You may often come across philosophies from Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, and the like. Though science has proven some of their theories wrong, their philosophies are still relatable to life. Must read the article on what are the 7 Laws of Attraction?

In this fast-paced life when you question yourself if your job is worth it? Or, are you living the right life? Or you may ask, why you are never at peace with yourself? You go back to good old philosophies to solve these dilemmas. They provide you with the base to question your existence, values, pursuit, and meaning of life. They help you search for greater meaning and understanding in life. (See The Seat of The Soul Summary)

3. What is the Importance of Philosophy?

an open eye

Philosophy is an eye-opener for you. It opens you up to the possibilities of different lives you can live. It’s like a bullet that hits you and jolts you awake from your delusions. It makes you aware of the life you are living.

Be it any disciple, you are always groomed and taught about its fundamentals first. Likewise, philosophy answers the fundamental questions of human existence. That is why philosophy is important today. (See Theory of Eternity of Life)

4. Why is Philosophy important to Human Existence?

Philosophy has been in existence from the start of human civilization and lived through centuries. It can be considered the oldest study of science. It is important for human existence as it teaches human beings the fundamentals of life. It teaches us general problem solving, communication skills, getting valuable teachings from concentrated data, listening to ideas, learning from ideas, and most of all questioning the bigger meaning of life. When you start understanding yourselves and your world then you will start understanding philosophy. (See What is Human Existence In Philosophy?)

5. Why is Philosophy important in Education?

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Every educational institution needs to achieve certain goals concerning their students. By achieving these goals only, an education system or institution is fulfilling its responsibility. Philosophy helps with these goals. It instills students with critical thinking habits, enhances their communication skills, reading and writing skills, stimulates them to question the fundamentals of life, and transmits cultural heritage to the students. In these very ways, philosophy has been serving as an important part of education. (Also read Importance of Books in Our Life)

6. How does Philosophy help us to Understand Life?

The first step towards why is philosophy important today and its connection with understanding life is thinking about how life and philosophy stimulate you to think. It empowers you to question life, its meaning, and its value. And as Socrates says, An unexamined life is not worth living.

Philosophy broadens your understanding of things and helps you analyze things efficiently. If you are asked why is philosophy important today? You should answer that it helps you understand your fundamentals like your identity, the pursuit of life, your stand in life, and the truth. It helps you to understand lives as it nurtures your identity and your self-esteem. (See How Long is a Decade and a Century?)

7. How does Philosophy help attain Aesthetic Values?

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Whether a picture like this is beautiful for you or not depends on your aesthetic value. Aesthetic value refers to the value associated with artwork, events, objects, and the like. This value can elicit various responses from you. The responses can be negative or positive and are produced after experiencing the said thing. (Also read The Art of Teaching Art)

Apart from why is philosophy important today, you must know that aesthetics is a branch of philosophy and is influenced by philosophy deeply. It questions the value of things, value of life, definitions of beauty, and art. Like philosophy, it also stimulates you to think and question yourself and your surroundings. Philosophy pushes you to look for things in the world, appreciate them, and learn what is beautiful for you and what is not? It slowly develops your aesthetic sense and thus helps you attain aesthetic values. (See How to Stay in the Present?)

8. How does Philosophy contribute to the Development of Human Life and Society?

Philosophy has been and is part of human life and society on a very deep level. For human life, knowing oneself is the beginning of wisdom and philosophy greatly helps with that. It makes you capable of living a wise life.

  • Most of the systems you follow today or the way you live today are also based on philosophies made by intellectual people.
  • Whether it’s law, governance, school, marriage, religion, industry, business, or education every institution of the society is influenced by philosophies.
  • Clashes between people belonging to different philosophies have also overthrown governments and this is where you will need the explanations as to why is philosophy important today.
  • For a society’s development, good morals are very important and philosophy inculcates such morals in the society.
  • It lets you study your society, and makes you understand what is right or wrong, or makes you understand the difference between them as well as the grey part in between. On many different variables, philosophy is essentially important for the formation and running of a society. (Also read 10 Golden Rules of Life

9. How does Philosophy affect Business Practices?

a business meeting

While analyzing the idea of philosophy in business, you must have wondered why is philosophy important today in business, or, isn’t it outdated? Though it may not seem like it, philosophy can very much affect a business practice in a negative or positive way.

  • Business practices run on professional and personal ethics which are accumulated by a lot of philosophical endeavors. Also, check out 7 steps for managing difficult employees.
  • Businesses are run on two fronts. The first front denotes the regulations that bound businesses to work a certain way or operate a certain way. The second one is how people make personal decisions within the business.
  • Philosophy helps you understand these things on a deeper level and learn their value. It helps a business communicate with their internal and external public and it also acts as a peace-maker in case of conflicts.
  • The business has some philosophies of its own which can directly affect the productivity, ethics, and performance of its employees. These philosophies draw the basic outlines of a company, it’s functioning, and its purpose. (See How to Become a Tower Crane Operator?)

10. What are the Characteristics of a Good Philosopher?

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  • A good philosopher should be a free thinker, open-minded, and a seeker of knowledge and wisdom.
  • Their curiosity leads them towards discovery. They should be observant with great analytical skills. They should also be skeptical of the answer they derive, they want justification for anything.
  • They should have the ability to turn a complex thought or truth into a simpler one and present it to society. They should observe things with a universal perspective and refrain from getting biased towards any person or situation.
  • They should be knowledgeable but modest and very well acquainted with the answers to why is philosophy important today. Also, most good philosophers are free from worldly pleasures. (Also read How to Be Loved By Everyone?)

11. How did Philosophy help you Address your Situation?

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Philosophy makes you open your eyes wide and see this world as well as yourself in a deeper and different light. It lets you question your existence, purpose, and choices and then helps you find answers to all your questions. The introspection you go through due to philosophy helps you address your situation the best. Now that you understand yourself and your situation the best, you can overcome it efficiently. (See How Do You Handle Difficult Situations?)

No matter how outdated or irrelevant you think philosophy is, it is embedded deep in your system. Whenever you feel de-tracked in life, then you go back to the answers to why is philosophy important today. They help you to view your life more clearly and make the right decisions. Indulge in the art of philosophy when you are tired of not finding your true being. This art will help you find the key to your core self. (See How Do You Say 12:30 In Spanish?)

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