Why is NFL so popular in USA?

Why the NFL is the Most Popular Sport in America? What makes American football so popular?

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  1. 1 Major channels show the games

    Monday night football , ESPN, NBC Sunday  night football , Fox , CBS Sunday football and other Major Channels give people the chance to see the game.

  2. 2 Some psychologists blame Violence

    Many psychologists blame the love for NFL for Violence. According to them people enjoy the controlled Violence they see in the game while knowing that it's just a sport. See also why some people like violence and Gore.

  3. 3 The games are heavily discussed in media channels

    The games are heavily discussed in the different Media channels such as TV, Newspapers and even social networks.

  4. 4 Scarcity

    With one game played each week and only 16 games played people wait from a week to a week to watch the next game. This scarcity makes the games seem more interesting.

  5. 5 The parity that exists in NFL

    The parity that exists in NFL gives each viewer the hope that his team can make it. This hope fuels the desire to watch the game.

  6. 6 The time left between games

    The time left between games gives media channels the chance to discuss the game and analyze it. As people keep talking about a game for a week more people are likely to watch the next one.

  7. 7 Each game can determine the fate of a team

    Because the number of games are very limited each game can have a dramatic impact on the team's position event.

  8. 8 Football became popular as TV did

    Football started to become popular around the same time TV was becoming popular. This helped the sport become more recognized nationwide in USA.

  9. 9 Football is popular in schools

    Many of the schools and collages in the united states have their own Football teams. This conditions teens and young adults to love the game.

  10. 10 Football players are considered manly

    Since their young years many teens consider the football players in their school to be strongly and manly. The fact that this type of man attracts women gives the sport more popularity among youngsters who later become NFL fans. See what women find attractive in men.

  11. 11 All teams get an equal share of money

    Because NFL money is distributed equally on teams and because no team is allowed to pay exceedingly more to acquire a team full of stars, as per the league salary cap rule, each team has an equal chance of winning.

  12. 12 The extreme popularity of the Super Bowl event

    The Super Bowl event has became so popular in the USA that more than 100 million people watch it. The event became more like a national holiday. The popularity of the Super Bowl helped fuel the popularity of football in turn. See why Super Bowl Ads are so expensive.

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