Why is Mathematical Concept Important?

What are the Mathematical Concepts and Principles? What are the 4 Basic Concepts of Mathematics? What are Applications of Math Concepts? What are the Seven Prerequisite in Math Skills?
why is mathematical concept important

Mathematics is a part of our daily life, from simple calculations to solving complex mathematical equations that represent real-world problems like measuring speed and distance, weights, calculating taxes, building statistics, etc. We need mathematics in every aspect of our lives. For ages, we have all focused on applying mathematics in different fields, but what are the mathematical concepts and principles? Have you ever wondered why is mathematical concept important? Never worry. We will clarify your doubt and also answer a few other questions like what are pre mathematical concepts and in what order should you teach math concepts. These are a few concepts that will take you deeper into the very core of mathematics.

1. What are the Mathematical Concepts and Principles?

The concept of mathematics is divided into three main forms.

  • First, the algebraic equations, in which you can manipulate the numbers using letters, alphabets, and symbols.
  • Second, geometrical shapes can provide the radius, diameter, circumference, length, breadth, and height of different objects.
  • The third form is the calculations that we need to do on a daily basis in some form or the other. For example, weights and measures, calculating tax and interests, speed and distance, and so on.

The basic principle of mathematics focuses on solving a problem. It consists of numbers, order, quantity, space, matter and motion, infinity, and continuity. (See Who Invented Math?)

2. What are the Five Concepts of Mathematics?

The five basic concepts of mathematics are: numbers and counting, measurements, classifying and sorting, patterns and reasoning, shapes and spatial relations. According to Professor G.A. Miller of the University of Illinois, the five fundamentals of pure mathematics include natural numbers, unknown, postulate, function, and group. These are some of the most prominent fundamental concepts of mathematics. However, as per G.A. Miller, there are other concepts in mathematics that hold important value. (See What are Some Examples of Categorical Variables?)

3. What are the 4 Basic Concepts of Mathematics?

Counting, addition and subtraction, measurement and data, and geometry are the 4 basic concepts used in Mathematics.

4. Why is Mathematical Concept Important?

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Mathematical concepts help us solve mathematical problems of everyday life. Numbers, patterns, quantities, weights and measures, logic and reasoning, speed and distance, and future probabilities are something we all come across almost every day. Mathematical concepts also help us to predict future outcomes of our problems. This must have answered your query about why is mathematical concept important. (See What Instrument is Used to Measure Mass of an Object?)

5. What are the Example of Mathematical Concept?

Some of the examples of mathematical concepts include:

  • Geometry,
  • Numbers and circles,
  • Estimation of quantity and 2D shapes,
  • Cardinal number and ordinal number,
  • Comparing sets,
  • Understanding of cardinality and classification,
  • Number of space and shape. (See What Shapes have 4 Sides?)

6. What are Pre Mathematical Concepts?

Pre mathematical concepts are taught to children from grade 1 onwards. Numbers, shapes, symbols, and mathematical problem-solving are introduced to children before they learn how to calculate. This is why is mathematical concept important for kids at an early stage. Some of the following pre mathematical concepts that schools introduce to children at young children are:

  • Observation,
  • Problem-solving,
  • Language,
  • One-to-One correspondence,
  • Number sense,
  • Shapes,
  • Spatial sense,
  • Sets and classifying,
  • Ordering/seriation,
  • Comparing,
  • Patterning,
  • Counting,
  • Measurement,
  • Parts and wholes,
  • Numbers and symbols, and
  • Graphing. (See What is Critical Thinking?)

7. What are Applications of Math Concepts?

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While learning why is mathematical concept important, you would also like to know about their applications. Math concepts are applied to several important fields and they are :

  • Making routine budgets,
  • Construction purpose,
  • Exercising and training,
  • Computer applications,
  • Planning a trip,
  • Hospitals,
  • Video games, and
  • Weather forecasting. (See How Calculator Works?)

8. What is the Nature of Mathematical Concept?

The nature of mathematical concepts depends on patterns, orders, observations, simulations, and experiments. Today, the nature of mathematics has evolved a lot. Mathematical models are used for reading natural phenomena, observing human behavior, and statistics to observe geographical changes or demographics. The true nature of mathematical concepts is about logic and finding the truth through various experiments. These concepts act as a foundation for scientific experiments. (See What Is Algebra Used For In Real Life?)

9. What Order should You teach Math Concepts?

The order of operations to follow when evaluating math expressions is Parentheses, Exponents, Division, Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction (PEMDAS). (See What does 2/3 plus 2/3 equal?)

10. Is Counting a Mathematical Concept?

Yes, the idea of the counting concept is very basic and simple. However, different counting principles collectively assist a child in counting a bunch of objects, e.g. counting four apples and four oranges or counting either of the two fruits. The basic fundamental rule of counting is to choose or determine how to make the selection based on the available choices. Counting is a mathematical concept that develops a child’s ability to count similar or dissimilar numbers, shapes, or objects. (See What is the Very Last Number in the World?)

11. What are the 6 Principles of Mathematics?

As per author Bertrand Russell, mathematics consists of the following principles:

12. What are the Seven Prerequisite in Math Skills?

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The seven most important prerequisites for math skills are the following which is also the reasons behind why is mathematical concept important:

  • Number/Counting Sense: This is the most basic ability the child must have as a prerequisite for math skills.
  • Representation: Using real-world problems to represent mathematical problems with the help of pictures, objects and shapes, and symbols.
  • Spatial Sense: It refers to the size, shape, direction, position, and movement of an object. The spatial sense helps children to identify and categorize the objects of the physical world. Little kids are often asked to identify positions like above, under, right, left, and so on.
  • Measurement: Schools introduce measurements to students once they reach grade IV or V. By this time, children develop some basic math skills like knowledge of shapes and numbers. Measurements include weight, distance, temperature like degrees and Celsius, volume like milliliters, and liters. Also, check out how long is 8 inches compared to an object?
  • Estimation: You have three boxes on the table. Box 1 weighs 10 kilos, box 2 weighs 20, and box 3 weighs 30. Now, they ask you to estimate which one is heavier. These kinds of questions increase a child’s critical thinking ability.
  • Patterns: It refers to similar or dissimilar-looking patterns. Must read what is a Polygon shape?
  • Problem-solving: Your friend needs five pens, but he has only three pens. How many pens will you give to your friend to make it five?

These seven prerequisite math skills help a student to learn more complex equations in the future to solve real-world problems. (See How Deep is 10 Kilometers?)

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