Why is kenya still a developing country?

Why is Kenya a developing country? Is Kenya a developing country? Kenya Country Information
  1. Laid back attitude

    Many Kenyans have a great dislike for work or have a laid back attitude when it comes to work. This is believed to be due to previous forced labor by colonialists. As the productivity of the average Kenyan is considered low the country hardly advances.

  2. The country has lots of corruption

    The amount of corruption in Kenya is huge. Kenya is considered among the top corrupted countries in the world according to studies.

  3. They are ethnic centered

    There are over forty different tribes in Kenya and most of them try to do the best for their tribe. Having a fellow tribesman to represent them in parliament is one of those examples. This has resulted in inner conflict between tribes instead of co-operation.

  4. Holding on to wrong ideals

    Kenyan culture is largely a copy paste of the western world. Anything local is deemed outdated, is hated on and rejected.Its this mentality that explains why a foreign investor is loved and local endeavors ignored.

  5. Fully dependant on agriculture

    The country is overly dependant on the agriculture industry which is subject to environmental changes, climate change, and natural disasters. This has many of the country’s output highly unstable. (See Why is Mexico a developing country?)

  6. Weak infrastructure

    The weak infrastructure in Kenya has forced many people to depend on farming as they don’t have other options.

  7. High levels of illiteracy

    Kenya has a very high hate of illiteracy. This factor forced most people to look for simple jobs such as farming.

  8. Political violence

    Political violence and border insecurity represent a problem for Kenya that prevents it from advancing. In some cases schools have to be moved to safer areas because of violent crimes.

  9. The slow development of African nations

    A country usually gets strongly affected by its neighbors. As development in many African countries is slow they affected each others negatively. (See Why is Egypt a developing country?)

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