Why is It Bad to Wear White After Labor Day?

Why is It Bad to Wear White After Labor Day?
  1. About labour day

    Labour Day is celebrated throughout the world. It is an annual event that happens in honour of the economic and social contributions of workers to society. Usually, it is celebrated in the first week of May, but some countries celebrate it on a different date.

  2. History of wearing white after Labor day

    There are two stories about why white shouldn’t be worn after Labor Day. In the early days of the 20th century, white was worn for function, not fashion. Some historians also say that beating the heat during that time was more of a division between social hierarchies.

  3. 3Why is it bad to wear white after Labor Day

    People prefer nor wearing white this day because of their customs and traditions. Also, people say that wearing these colour clothes offer the least protection to fight off the discomforts that are brought by the cold weather.

  4. Differently celebrated around the world

    Initially, its celebrations started with a movement that was named the eight-hour day movement. In this, there was eight-hour rest, eight-hour recreation and eight-hour work.

    In the U.S, it is celebrated on the first Monday of September. While in Turkey, it is called Labor and Solidarity Day. In the Philippines, it is entirely different as they use this day for doing protests or other labour related activities.

    In Malta, this event is highly supported by the Malta Labor Party and General Workers Union. They make sure that it is celebrated in the best possible manner. If we talk about Italy, they have marked this event as used for widespread trade union demonstrations.

    In Jamaica, people get together to recall the importance of Labor in the development and independence of Jamaica. Whereas in India, various Labor organizations conduct processions on this special day. Germany considers this day as a symbol of unity between state and people.

  5. Is the rule still applicable?

    Regardless of how this rule came out, no one in today’s time follows any such restriction. This rule came in a different era which has gone long back. Hence you can wear white whenever you want.

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