Why is Gopro so popular?

What’s so great about GoPro cameras? What is GoPro and How Did it Become so Successful?
  1. Very small size

    The camera is very small compared to other models. It’s much easier to carry around especially for people who do stunts or play dangerous sports.

  2. Mountable on anything

    One of the biggest advantages of GoPro is that it’s mountable on almost anything. The camera can be mounted on helmets, bikes, wrists, surfboards and so many other things. This makes the Camera even more suitable for people who want to take shots of their stunts.

  3. Waterproof

    Gopro is a waterproof camera. With a few add-ons, the camera will work under water.

  4. Suitable for action sports

    Because of it’s advantages, the camera became very suitable for people who play action sports who previously have had to avoid taking their cameras with them in order to not break them.

  5. Highly durable

    Gopro is a rugged, highly durable camera. It can hardly break compared to other models that won’t survive one hit. People who play action sports finally found a camera they could take with them without worrying about it breaking.

  6. Very High picture quality

    In addition to all of it’s advantages Gopro has a very high picture quality. This enables the sharing of HD videos that show off moves that were done in places that other cameras wont be able to capture properly.

  7. Great branding

    The name was smartly chosen, It’s short , easy to remember and sounds cool. The product itself branded itself perfectly since it offers things that most other cameras can’t offer (See the importance of branding).

  8. Fans who started sharing their dangerous stunts got many views on Youtube. Some of the videos made with Gopro went viral and this helped the camera become much more popular than it already was.

  9. Underwater pictures & selfies

    The explosion of underwater selfies motivated even more people to buy the Gopro camera, which expanded the market to a larger variety of customers, not just sport fans and stunt fanatics. (See Why do people take selfies?)

  10. The first POV camera with very high quality

    All cameras that provided a POV view on the market was of lower quality and this why it was easy for Gopro to define a place for itself in the market.

  11. The internet boom helped

    Gopro was founded in 2002, but the internet boom helped it become really popular as a result of the massive sharing of photos and videos on social media. (See Why do people share photos on social networks?)

  12. It expanded beyond its niche

    While it was first designed for sport professionals, Gopro expanded way beyond it’s niche. It now commands a significant percentage of the market share of digital cameras sold worldwide.

  13. Model names are very easy to recall

    With Model names like HDR-AS100V, HDR-AZIVR, HDR-AS30V, and HDR-AS20 customers had trouble differentiating between Sony’s camera models, where as Gopro camera’s had very simple names such as HERO, HERO 3 and HERO 4.

  14. Gopro encourages people to share videos

    The company keeps encouraging people and fans to share the videos they took with Gopro on it social media platforms. This led to more popularity of Gopro cameras.

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