Why Is Facebook So Addictive?

Why is Facebook so addictive? 9 Reasons For Facebook Addiction
  1. Venting

    Facebook is one of the most important venting tools people use to get rid of some of their negative emotions. The desire to vent motivates many people to visit Facebook and write a status whenever they are emotionally charged.

  2. Novelty

    Each time a person checks Facebook he gets new updates. The human brain craves novelty and as a result it finds Facebook very addictive.

  3. Why negativity doesn’t push people away

    In spite of the fact that Facebook is full of negativity, the brain stays addicted to it because it hopes that an unexpected positive reward will show up. Unexpected rewards can force a person to go through negative posts for one hour just to find one positive thing.

  4. The desire to not be isolated

    Most people hate social isolation and prefer not to miss out on any of the things happening around them. Because of that so many people check Facebook often.

  5. There are many things that can be done on Facebook

    Facebook is not just a social network but it’s an entertainment hub. People can play games, read posts and do so many other activities, in addition to connecting with others.

  6. Unexpected notifications

    Unexpected rewards are one of the most important reasons Facebook is addictive. Because sometimes people get a great reward such as a friendship from someone they like, they always keep checking Facebook in hope of getting another great unexpected reward. (See Why Facebook is better than Instagram?)

  7. Curiosity

    One of the main reasons people check their Facebook accounts everyday is because they are curious to know who they will interact with. So many people check Facebook because they are curious to know who wants to get in touch with them.

  8. News consumption satisfies some of the important needs

    People feel better when they consume certain pieces of news. You might become addicted to the newsfeed because you just want to find a piece of news that could make your day. Even if you find nothing, your expectations will keep you hooked to Facebook.

  9. The desire to connect with people is a basic human need

    Facebook is still the most popular way of connecting people together. Because the desire to connect with people is a basic human need, so many people can’t live without Facebook. (See Why do humans join groups?)

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