Why is Facebook losing its popularity?

Has Facebook lost its popularity? Why did Facebook lose an estimated 15 million users in past two years?
Why is Facebook losing its popularity?
  1. Teenagers are leaving

    Numerous studies have shown that teenagers are leaving Facebook for networks such as Instagram or Twitter. They see Facebook as old-fashioned, boring, awkward and a place where their family can control them.

  2. Ad campaign results are bad

    Running a successful FB ad campaign is very challenging, making most Facebook pages useless. Facebook limits the number of people that see posts and charges money for any extra exposition. Bad business results have made some users lose interest in the network and focus on LinkedIn or other networks.

  3. The interface has become too complicated

    People dislike complicated products, and some find Facebook’s interface too complex.

  4. It’s losing its usefulness

    As the number of Facebook pages increases, it becomes tough for the newsfeed to remain useful. People become frustrated when Facebook doesn’t show them an update they had hoped to see.

  5. It has been around for too long

    Facebook has been around for 10+ years. People move to the next novel thing as they get easily bored with repetitive things. In this case, novel things are WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and so on. (See 17 Reasons Why Some People Prefer Twitter over Facebook)

  6. It’s very negative

    One of the reasons for the decreasing popularity is that Facebook has become very negative.

  7. Too much focus on ads

    Facebook’s revenue model focuses too much on spamming its users with ads. The fact that the internet isn’t an emotional medium resulted in banner blindness becoming real. This made some people repulsed by Facebook’s heavy focus on ads.

  8. It puts too much load on the brain

    Since people’s attention span is becoming shorter, anything that requires lengthy cognitive processing will receive less interest than a thing that can be subconsciously processed. Facebook focuses too much on cognition, while competing networks such as Pinterest or Instagram focus on emotions.

  9. Irritating content is posted too often

    Most average Facebook users post predictable and sometimes irritating content such as food pictures, selfies, vacation photos, baby photos or frustrating comments about everyday life. Such frequent posts can make people leave.

  10. It discriminates against older people and children

    Like most websites on the internet, Facebook isn’t designed to be used by seniors or children. These are the 2 major groups joining the internet population at the moment. Because of a missed opportunity, Facebook’s growth has slowed down over time.

  11. Celebrities favour other networks

    Celebrities favour networks with much shorter attention spans, such as Twitter and Instagram. Their fans follow them to the network of their choice. (See Why do celebrities use Instagram?)

  12. Users don’t trust them

    Only 9% of polled users said they find Facebook safe and trustworthy.

  13. Messaging apps attracted the crowds

    Messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Kik have taken away Facebook’s younger audience. Facebook tried to rebuff this by focusing more on its Messenger app.

  14. The company’s losing its focus

    Facebook started as a social network, but its focus has spread out too much. It’s involved in virtual reality video gaming and movies and is trying to compete with Google over video and search fields as of late. Some people dislike monopolism and Facebook’s attempts at tech dominance.

  15. The herd effect

    As more and more people say bad things about Facebook and abandon it, the number of others who do the same increases. This is known as the herd effect, where the actions of a group influence the individual to copy them.

  16. It isn’t focused on a single purpose

    People use Instagram to upload their photos instantly, and they use WhatsApp to send messages instantly. Facebook has become cluttered with features that frustrate users before they can reach their goals.

  17. It promotes double standards

    Facebook vigorously censors female nudity while leaving hate groups and their pages uncensored. Some users are angered by this and have left the network because of it.

  1. #17 about covers it. I dont like ****** much and ever since 2018 ive gotten 30 day bans from facebook. I used to love chatting there, but not if im going to be banned for posting my two cents. Its stupid, because it promotes preaching and yet, im not allowed to say anything about it. Ive made some friends there, but sometimes its not worth it.

    1. I once posted a pic of a very pretty Bluebird opening it’s wings to fly and I got 30 days off because they said it was animal abuse. They look for reason to put you off!

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