Why is Egypt a developing country?

Is Egypt a developed or developing country? Why is Egypt a developing country?
  1. Rise in population with little resource development

    Egypt’s population has been rising fast over the past few decades, while resource development has been moving at a very slow rate.

  2. High levels of corruption

    Egypt is considered one of the countries that has a high level of corruption. The high level of corruption is believed to have slowed down development.

  3. Relatively dependent on agriculture

    More than 20 million Egyptians depend on agriculture for their income. The weak industrial output in Egypt has contributed to the slow development.

  4. Wars and political instability

    Throughout history, Egypt has been a war-zone due its location, which was seen by conquerors as the key to Africa.

  5. Military rule

    Why do flies land on peopleMany Egyptians believe that the military rule that started with the ousting of King Farouk was the beginning of the decline for the Egyptian economy. Many economic facts support this theory.

  6. Low worker output

    The output of a worker in Egypt is relatively lower than the output of workers in most developed countries. The laid back attitude of some people, in addition to a culture that doesn’t praise hard work has resulted in a low nation output. (See Why is Mexico a developing country?)

  7. High rate of poverty

    The unequal income distribution has resulted in very high poverty rates in Egypt. According to a research done in 2011, 26.3% of Egyptians live below the poverty line.

  8. The 2011 Revolution

    The political instability that resulted from the 2011 Revolution has slowed down the country’s progress greatly and put a strong pressure on the Egyptian economy.

  9. Underdeveloped neighbors

    The underdevelopment of many African countries has been affecting Egypt negatively. (See Why is kenya still a developing country?)

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