Why is clash of clans so addictive?

Is Clash of Clans a really addicting game? 13 Reasons Why Clash of Clans is So Addictive
  1. The graphics make it appeal to some people

    Clash of clans has very interesting cartoony graphics that makes it appealing to all age ranges. Because of the Cartoony graphics the game doesn’t look violent by any means even though it’s all about war and attacking other clans.

  2. Building in addition to Fighting

    The game has a very interesting balance between building a base and setting up defences while preparing the army to attack another base. Both people who like to build and those who like to battle found the game very appealing.

  3. It always forces you to come back

    The game was smartly designed to bring people back all the time. People feel like going back to check the progress of the buildings that are being constructed and to collect valuable resources.

  4. The game uses Scarcity very well

    Gems accelerate the speed of building but they run out fast. Just like Candy crush keeps people addicted when it deprives them of lives, Clash of clans keeps people addicted as they run out of gems and keep waiting for long periods of time in order for their buildings to get finished.

  5. It can be checked for a minute or two

    So many people feel like checking on their Base for a minute or two when they have short breaks. The game allows people to visit it for minutes, collect valuable resources then leave without losing anything. This fact made the game very addictive.

  6. Serious marketing budget

    Because the game was very successful, Super cell, the game maker, had enough money to feature Liam neeson in a super bowl ad they created. This made the came even more popular.

  7. The game is social

    The social factor can increase the success of any Good product. In clash of clans people can join plans, chat with others and create their own tribe. The fact that the game utilizes the social element makes the game more appealing. (See Why is Tetris so addictive?)

  8. Targets the tribal mind

    Because the human mind was designed to be a part of a tribe, so many people find Clash of clans addictive. The game allows a person to join a clan, team up with other players, and fight for common goals.

  9. The game can take a very long time

    So many people often forget about time when they play clash of clans. Because it takes time to build a base and prepare troops, people can keep playing the game for hours thus getting more addicted to it.

  10. You always see the next thing you can get

    The game developers have done a very interesting trick to keep people hooked. They show you the characters you still can’t get because you don’t have enough upgrades and so motivate you to keep playing to make your army stronger.

  11. Simple to learn

    The game is very simple to learn. Compare this to the cluttered games that bombard you with information as soon as you start the game. The learning curve of clash of clans is pretty smooth and that’s why so many people manage to keep playing until they really like it.

  12. Friends pressure each others to play

    If one of your friends became an addict, then you will see him playing clash of clans every now and then. The fact that the game keeps playing so many times in front of people who know nothing about it motivates them to try it.

  13. Simple graphics

    Clash of clans has very interesting graphics and above all they are simple. Strategy games that have very complex graphics with too much detail can overload the brain and make the game less appealing. (See Why hay day is addictive?)

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