Why is Clash of Clans bad for you?

What are the negative effects of the game Clash of Clans? Why is Clash of Clans bad for you?
  1. The game is highly addictive

    The game utilizes many of the concepts that turn game play into addiction. The game can have addictive effects.

  2. It’s very frustrating

    The game uses frustration as the main component to force people to buy things. When a person doesn’t buy anything he might get very frustrated as he waits for his buildings and troops to be ready.

  3. It wastes a lot of time

    The game forces players to keep coming back consistently to check on their new troops, to give new orders to builders and to attack other players. This kind of time based motivation results in wasting a lot of time.

  4. The game remains at the back of the mind

    According to psychologists the brain keeps thinking about unfinished tasks until they are finished. In Clash of Clans there are always uncompleted tasks going on such as buildings being constructed. This results in keeping the game at the back of the person’s mind all the time.

  5. Paying money is very likely

    Under the effect of extreme frustration a person can feel like paying money to get his buildings done fast. Once a person tries this once he might get addicted to fast rewards and so he might keep on paying. (See Why is Candy Crush so popular?)

  6. Frustration increases as the person keeps playing

    The amount of time needed for buildings to get completed grows exponentially. This increases frustration as the person keeps playing.

  7. The social element makes it more addictive

    The social element in clash of clans , in addition to the desire to revenge, makes the game more addictive. (See Why is clash of clans so addictive?)

  8. Missions never end

    The game was designed in a way to keep people addicted for very long periods of time. Because the resources needed are very large and the upgrades almost never end a person can remain addicted for months.

  9. Clan chat might not be good for kids

    Clan chat might not be good for kids since it’s not moderated. Kids can get exposed to bad words or even get bullied.

  10. The need for resources keep growing

    Another addictive element of the game lies in the fact that after each upgrade the amount of resources needed to do the next upgrade grows exponentially. The collection of resources is hard and so a person might waste a lot of time to get an upgrade done.

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