Why Game of Thrones is boring?

Do you find Game of Thrones boring? Am I The Only One Getting Very Bored By ‘Game Of Thrones?’
  1. The events are too slow

    The events of Game of Thrones happen slowly; so many episodes might pass while a person is waiting for some event to happen.

  2. Too many characters

    The show has too many characters and sub-stories. Because of that it might sometimes be impossible to make the events of the show go faster. If each sub-story was given 5 minutes of the show then all stories will move on slowly.

  3. Few action scenes

    Game of Thrones has some great action scenes, but it’s not an action-based series where action is the main focus. If you are looking for intense non-stop action then Game of Thrones might not be the right show for you.

  4. Skipped action scenes

    A person could watch Game of Thrones to keep anticipating an action scene like a big battle only to find the show skipping the action part and showing what happened after a battle. While this doesn’t always happen, it’s still a big turn off for action seekers. (See Why Game of Thrones Season 5 is bad?)

  5. Intense action expectations

    The show always advertises itself in a way that makes it seem like an action loaded series. And while there are some serious action scenes, the majority of the show is still all about conversations and politics.

  6. You don’t enjoy the conversations

    Many Game of Thrones fans like the show because of the deep conversations that take place and political information they learn. If you are not a fan of a conversation-based series then you might find it very boring. (See Why some people don’t like Game of Thrones?)

  7. Information overload

    The fact that the show has too many characters, too many conversations and too many events can make a person easily lose focus and get confused, especially in the first few episodes where everything is considered novel for the person.

  8. The main story becomes evident later on

    Not until the person has been through a few seasons that they will start to get what the real story is about. A person who watched season 1, for example, would be totally mislead into thinking that the events will progress in a certain way.

  9. The death of many characters

    The death of many characters can sometimes create voids that won’t be filled before many episodes pass. Those voids in the story can make some people get bored.

  10. It depends heavily on plot twists

    The show depends heavily on plot twists to keep people hooked. The show progresses very slowly then all of a sudden presents a plot twist to keep people hooked until the next twist.

  11. No obvious character connections

    The real character connections never develop until very late in the show. The lack of obvious connections made the show very boring to some people.

  12. It’s very focused on character development

    The show is very focused on character development. It gives too many details and this slows down the pace even more; thus making it very boring to some people.

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