Why Facebook is so popular?

Why Facebook Triumphed Over All Other Social Networks? What made Facebook so popular?
  1. It’s a way to keep in touch with people

    Facebook is a way to keep in touch with people, including the ones you don’t know very well. So many people use Facebook to stay connected to their friends and relatives.

  2. Humans have powerful social needs

    Humans are social beings and they have very powerful social needs such as the need to connect with others, the need to share one’s thoughts and the need to be recognized. Facebook helps people maintain most of their social needs.

  3. Facebook is very addictive

    Whenever a person expects a reward, they get a dopamine rush. Dopamine is a highly addictive chemical that gets released when a person expects a certain social interaction to happen such as getting a like from a person they care about. (See Why Is Facebook So Addictive?)

  4. It has a very large number of users

    According to 2016 statistics, Facebook had around 1.79 billion monthly active users. The fact that so many people use Facebook motivates other people to use Facebook as well.

  5. It had no competitors for a long time

    After the death of Myspace and Friendster, Facebook became the only true social network that allows people to connect to each other for a very long period of time. This resulted in a massive popularity of Facebook. See why Facebook succeeded where as other social networks failed.

  6. Peer pressure forced people to join

    Many people were forced to join Facebook as a result of peer pressure. When a person finds that all of their friends are already on Facebook, they might get pressured to join. (See How peer pressure may influence an individual?)

  7. It introduced many new concepts

    Facebook introduced many interesting concepts that attracted people like the wall feature at a time when social networking was very limited.

  8. It has so many uses

    Facebook can be used for socializing, making friends, marketing products, doing business, in addition to many other uses. The fact that Facebook is a platform that can be used in so many different ways has motivated so many people to use it. See why some people constantly update their status.

  9. It always provided people with what they wanted

    Facebook was always smart enough to provide people with all the things they wanted in order to keep them interested. Facebook introduced many features such as gaming just to keep satisfying people’s changing needs.

  10. It’s very hard for a person to change social networks

    Once a person builds a list of friends on a social network, it becomes very hard for them to change the social network. While some people use more than one social network, they remain to be loyal to Facebook.

  11. Users are active

    Facebook is a very active social network. When a person types something, they instantly get rewarded with likes and comments. The fact that the reward always happens keeps most people connected to Facebook.

  12. It’s a much easier way to communicate

    So many people use Facebook to communicate with others in an easier way. In many cases, people might prefer to use Facebook over emails or even traditional calls to deliver a certain message.

  13. It became a necessity

    Facebook has turned into a necessity where it became more than just a social network. Facebook became an essential communication tool that so many people use every day.

  14. It became a self-expression tool

    Facebook became a self-expression tool that people use to express themselves, to project their identities to others and to identify themselves to friends and relatives. Facebook became a way to project and maintain one’s social identity.

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