Why Facebook is better than Instagram?

Which one is better Instagram or Facebook? Instagram vs. Facebook: what’s the better marketing avenue
  1. It allows full communication with people

    Facebook was designed with the purpose of connecting people. Facebook allows people to fully communicate with others through messages, chat and calls, whereas Instagram only allows superficial interactions.

  2. It reflects real personalities

    Studies have shown that Facebook profiles tend to represent people’s real personalities in real life, whereas Instagram might only reflect a certain angle of people’s lives or even a fake angle.

  3. Better suited for work

    Facebook has many tools that can allow people to use it for work, file sharing, marketing and the promotion of their brands and businesses.

  4. Facebook is deeper

    Facebook allows people to have rich conversations, debates and to talk about deep topics, whereas Instagram only focuses on people’s pictures and specifically their looks.

  5. Facebook is multi-purposed

    Facebook can be used for a wide range of things in addition to communication such as knowing the latest news, collecting information about public opinions, getting to understand people and promoting your business.

  6. Better tool for self-expression

    Because Facebook allows users to post almost anything, it’s a better tool for self-expression. A person can easily express himself using Facebook posts and project his identity to others.

  7. It enables strong friendship formation

    Facebook can help people become close to their acquaintances easily, whereas Instagram users might have a hard time moving past the superficial relationship. (See Why Is Facebook So Addictive?)

  8. It’s easier to gain friends than followers

    Many people don’t like to follow others the way they like to friend them. Following a person makes them seem like some kind of a celebrity and this might demotivate many people from following you.

  9. Instagram leads to frustration

    Instagram allows people to see others, know their news but hardly allows them to connect with them. This can fuel the feelings of frustration.

  10. Instagram promotes more jealousy

    While both social networks promote jealousy, Instagram is still more likely to make people feel jealous, as peer pressure on Instagram forces everyone to try to appear in their best form. (See The Body Language of Jealousy)

  11. More mature users

    The users of Facebook are generally older than Instagram’s users. As a result, Facebook users might be more mature than Instagram users.

  12. Instagram forces people to think about looks

    Instagram forces people to put their own looks as their highest priority because it’s mostly picture-based. This can result in lots of jealousy, self-image problems and confidence issues.

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