Why Do Women Wear Makeup?

Why Do Girls Wear Makeup? Why Do Women Wear Makeup? The Science Behind Makeup
  1. To look attractive

    Applying makeup, when done correctly, can make a woman more attractive by concealing blemishes and enhancing the eyes, cheekbones, and jawline. This gives the impression of perfect skin, big eyes, high cheekbones, and a defined jawline.

  2. To look healthier

    Concealing blemishes creates a youthful appearance which gives the impression of health and facial symmetry. Clear skin and pink cheeks shows good health. Health and symmetry is an evolutionary attractive trait for the opposite sex.

  3. To look feminine

    As everyone knows, mainly women wear makeup. Makeup has become a sign of femininity. Most women would say that it makes them feel girly and pretty.

  4. To Enhance natural beauty

    For women who do not use unnatural colors, they use makeup to enhance their own natural beauty. This is done by using minimal makeup to enhance the eyes and cheekbones mainly.

  5. To feel good

    Much like painting nails, applying makeup can be therapeutic. Beautifying oneself can be regarded as an art form and like all art, it can be relaxing.

  6. Women enjoy it

    Plain and simple, applying makeup is fun. It is fun to experiment with different colors, techniques, and brands.

  7. To increase confidence

    Because makeup beautifies, it can help increase confidence of the woman. It can make her feel like a million bucks and conquer the world. Look good, feel great.

  8. To express themselves

    The range of makeup goes from ‘barely there’ to costume makeup. With that said, the modes of expression goes under the same spectrum. Women use makeup to express themselves in a way they feel comfortable.

  9. To look younger

    Makeup has the power to defy age. Some women use makeup to look younger by creating a clear complexion and using youthful makeup techniques. (See What makes female face attractive?)

  10. To look older

    For many young girls that want to look mature or older than their age, they use makeup to create slender cheeks and defined jawlines via contouring and highlighting.

  11. To hide flaws

    Make up is used to hide certain skin flaws and to make the face look more ideal. Makeup can be used to hide imperfections thus it can make a person look better.

  12. To attract potential mates

    According to psychologists women might wear make up to look more attractive to the opposite sex and thus increase their chance of attracting a potential mate. (See What makes a woman physically attractive to a man?)

  13. To make their face symmetrical

    According to experts symmetrical faces appear more attractive than non symmetrical faces since they signify health. A woman might wear make up to make her face look more symmetrical.

  14. To follow fashion

    Some women put on make up to follow the latest fashion. A certain eyebrow shape might become on fashion and so a woman might change her eyebrow shape to look more fashionable.

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