Why do women love high heels?

Why High Heels Make Women More Attractive? The Fascination of High Heels – Why Women Wear High Heels?
  1. To look taller

    Many short women love wearing heels to look taller. Being tall can be considered by some people a sign of beauty. For example, most models are tall, as clothes look better on tall models. Thus, being tall can give a sense of satisfaction.

  2. To look more attractive

    Studies have shown that both men and women find women who wear heels more attractive than those wearing flats. Heels change the body’s posture into a “Lordosis” posture, where the hip lifts and the back arches. So while walking, she will look more feminine as she will display more hip movement. (See What makes a person attractive?)

  3. To boost her confidence

    Height is thought to be associated with power. Long ago, men wore heels first, and then women started wearing them afterwards to show masculine power. Heels make women look determinant and self-dominant. They help her keep a straight back and shoulders, thus, feeling more confident.

  4. To look leaner

    High heels make the legs look longer and slimmer. They strengthen the muscles and tone the calves, giving the leg a sexy shape. They help women to look leaner and thinner.

  5. High heels are considered a fashion icon

    Women love fashion and elegance. Heels have always been a fashion trend that doesn’t fade away. There are different types of heels varying from stilettos, pumps, to the more comfortable ones like wedges, and they can suit almost any outfit, making it look more elegant.

  6. Women get a dopamine rush when they buy heels

    Studies show that a large amount of dopamine is released into the brain when shopping (especially shoe shopping). Dopamine is the chemical that mediates pleasure in the brain. So a dopamine rush can be the reason behind women’s shopping obsession since it has addictive properties.

  7. To look more professional

    Heels are known to make women look more professional and that’s why they are sometimes worn in business environments. Some women wear high heels to be taken more seriously.

  8. To get more attention

    In addition to making them look more attractive, high heels usually draw more attention to women because of the sound they make and the additional height they give to women. (See What makes a woman physically attractive to a man?)

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