Why do some students dropout of school?

What are the problems that cause students to drop out of school? 10 important reasons why students commonly drop out of school?
  1. Getting involved with gangs and drugs

    Studies have shown that students between 13 and 18 years old are more likely to get involved with gangs and drugs. They are not mature enough to make the right decisions without supervision. So eventually, this dark life takes them away from home and school.

  2. Coming from a poor background

    Many poor families force their kids to work and help them to get money. They come from a low socio-economic background and don’t really understand the advantages of school. Sometimes they even force their kids to drop out.

  3. Getting pregnant

    Surveys have shown that 27.8% of dropouts in the U.S are due to girls getting pregnant while still in school.

  4. Some students are considered a threat (Pushed out)

    Some students are seen as dangerous or are threatening the school’s public image. They are often expelled because of bad behavior or failing many courses. When they transfer to another school, they might get expelled as well and so on. Eventually, they get bored and drop out.

  5. Poor education (Falling out)

    Some schools are not qualified enough to help the student to succeed. They fail to provide him with the proper environment and equipment needed to help him with his studies. As a result of such poor academic preparation, students feel that education is useless and drop out.

  6. Some smart students believe that they can do better (Fading out)

    Some very smart students wait for the legal dropout age impatiently to drop out of school. At a point, they believe that they are much more intelligent, convinced that they can find their way without a high school diploma or that a GED will serve them just as well.

  7. Outside factors (Pulled out)

    Factors as illness, financial problems, family problems, childbirth or marriage force students to drop out. (See How peer pressure may influence an individual?)

  8. Inability to get along with teachers

    Some students drop out simply because they do not like their teachers. A research has shown that 27% of male students drop out after having a dispute with their teachers or simply because they do not get along with them, especially those coming from poor backgrounds.

  9. Low self-esteem

    Some students with low self-esteem believe that they are less-skilled than the others and that they will never be good enough. So as they keep on thinking negatively, their grades actually begin to drop. This might lead to depression and they end up dropping out. (See How does it feel like to be depressed?)

  10. Not fitting in

    Many students simply drop out because they can’t get along with other students. Some students fail to make friends, or they can even make enemies at school. Moreover, those who are bullied, usually end up hating school and are more likely to drop out eventually.

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