Why Do Some People Like Horror Movies?

Why Do We Like Watching Scary Films? Why Do People Love Horror Movies? They Enjoy Being Scared
  1. They find it thrilling and interesting

    Some people are fed up with their monotonous routine. They want excitement in their lives. These people may find what they are looking for in horror movies as it provides them with enough thrill. Moreover, they find it an ideal choice, especially when they are bored.

  2. Natural high

    Just like when you booze or do something that releases dopamine, it makes you feel elated. Analogously, some people watch horror movies as it makes them naturally high without consuming any illegal substances that harm their bodies. It has been surveyed that horror movies are capable of making a person release dopamine.

  3. Escaping from the rough world

    During these hectic schedules and busy lives, some people are looking to think about the entirely a different world they are living in at present. While you watch a horror movie, your subconscious mind starts believing that you are living in that entirely different life, and it becomes one of the ways to escape from your stress and anxiety problems.

  4. Seeking novelty

    Not only horror movies but Sci-fi movies are also watched by people to escalate their mood from boredom. They find these movies one of the ways to cheer their spirit up.

  5. Allow people to self-express their fears

    It is said that venting is the best way for those trying to suppress their emotions. Having their emotions let out will make them feel much better. This is what generally happens with the viewers of spooky movies, as whenever they are startled while seeing a scene, they release some of their fears they already have.

  6. Challenging themselves

    Some people do not have an intense liking for watching horror movies. Still, they do watch it to showcase their bravery to others who might already be very enamored with spooky movies.

  7. Boosting self-esteem

    Doing this may make some people think that they have achieved the goal in their life by overcoming their fear. They believe that by watching something unusual and terrifying, they gain more confidence and become better versions of themselves.

  8. Makes you less aggressive

    Watching horror movies is one of the best ways through which you can lessen your aggression.

  9. Denial of fears

    Some people are terrified of ghosts and spirits. This could make them develop their fascination towards spooky movies to overcome their fear of ghosts and spirits. (See What are the body language signs of fear?)

  10. Complete mood changer

    Even if you are very upset about something, or very angry at someone, or feeling very low or bored, watching horror films could change your mood entirely.

  11. Feel superior

    You might feel superior to those who are scared of watching horror films if you are not afraid to watch spooky movies. Just to prove themselves superior, these types of people may start watching more horror movies. (See Why do people strive for superiority?)

  12. Learn new skills

    Your mind may make you believe that you are learning new skills, akin to the film hero. Just like the hero conquered and defeated the evil ghosts and spirits, your mind will start making you believe that you have learnt the same skill.

  13. An ideal choice for depressed people

    People who are suffering from depression may find horror movies a perfect choice. It is because it might make them feel relieved after watching so many characters/artists suffering in the movie. They might think that their life is way too better than these people; hence, they might be able to overcome depression.

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