Why do some people like comic books?

Why do some people like comics more than books? Why do people like comic books?
  1. People like stories

    People have liked stories throughout all of history. Comic books are a form of storytelling.

  2. They have pictures

    You don’t have to go through your imagination to understand a scene created by the author. The pictures of the comic make it a lot easier to understand the plot.

  3. They are easy to read

    Comic books do not contain difficult vocabulary that the author would want in his book. Instead, the dialogues and thoughts are put in simple bubbles and they come out very easy.

  4. They are fun

    Comic books are a fun form of literature that is easily accessible, according to comic book readers.

  5. They encourage reading

    Reading a book can be a difficult task to some. However, when it comes to reading a fun and enjoyable comic book, anyone can do that without taking too long. They actually help people read faster. (See How to read a book really fast?)

  6. They ignite imagination

    Comic books and graphic novels are excellent to spark up the imagination. Through the panels and pages, people manage to imagine the scenes as if they are happening in front of them.

  7. They are a form of literature and art

    Literature and art often come in different categories. Comic books are the combination of both art and literature.

  8. They are inspiring

    Comic books and comic book heroes are inspiring, especially to children and teenagers. (See Why Do We Like Superheroes?)

  9. They have a lot of information

    Comic books and graphic novels often contain some useful information so they wouldn’t be just for fun.

  10. They follow culture and era

    Comic books follow the events that are happening in the country or the city where they are being published. Sometimes they follow universal events or take darker tones to match the current time.

  11. They inspire values

    Comics usually have a moral that is said or implied in a way or another through the pages. Sometimes it’s something as simple as friendship, and other times it can be a much grander theme like the greater good.

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