Why do some people like 50 Cent?

Why do people dislike 50 Cent? Do people really like 50 Cent that much? Why do some people like 50 Cent?

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  1. 1 They believe his comeback is inspirational

    50 cent was shot with nine bullets and had to pause his career until he recovered then came back with a successful album that made him famous. Some people like this story and believe it's inspirational (See also How 50 cent made his money).

  2. 2 He was one of the richest rappers

    Forbes listed 50 cent's net worth to be around 140$ in 2014. Back then he was seen as one of the most successful rappers in terms of money. Many people admire his success and that's why they liked him (See why 50 cent file for bankruptcy).

  3. 3 They like his songs

    Many people like 50 cent's music and the lyrics he uses.

  4. 4 They like how dangerous he seems to be

    Many people like the image 50 cent displays of himself of being dangerous, coming from the street or being a gangster. This image inspires certain people as it empowers them.

  5. 5 He is an entrepreneur

    Many people like the fact that 50 cent doesn't just make his money from record sales but also from the different ventures he gets himself into (See how to become an entrepreneur).

  6. 6 He is very ambitious

    Many people admire 50 cent's ambition. His desire to be a rapper was strong that it pulled him through the tough events he has been through (See where does ambition come from).

  7. 7 He was a gangster before becoming successful

    According to his movie 'Get rich or die tryin' 50 cent was a gangster before he started following dream of becoming a rapper. Many people admire the fact that he transformed his life greatly (See why some people hate 50 cent).

  8. 8 He was raised in tough conditions

    Many people who were raised in tough conditions relate to 50 cent who suffered in his early life as he lost his mother at a very young age and never knew who his father was.

  9. 9 Many black people like him

    Many black people get motivation from 50 cent's success story and use it as a source of inspiration especially that he made it the hard way.

  10. 10 He shows off power and money

    The use of power words and the fact that he shows off his money in his lyrics attracts the people who have the goal of becoming rich and powerful. While some people find those lyrics uninteresting still they resonate with those who have certain needs.

  11. 11 His famous song in Da club was a reason he got popular

    Many people started liking 50 cent after hearing his famous song 'In da club' which was a massive success. The song became widely popular and helped 50 cent become famous.

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