Why do some people like 50 Cent?

Why do people dislike 50 Cent? Do people really like 50 Cent that much? Why do some people like 50 Cent?
  1. They believe his comeback is inspirational

    A lot of people know that he was shot with 9 bullets because of which he had to put a halt on his career. But because of his strong will power and blessing from his fans, he came back with a successful album that made him even more popular. A lot of people love his story and think that it is truly inspirational.

  2. He was one of the wealthiest rappers

    As per Forbes, he was ranked in the list of richest rappers as his net worth was around 140$ million in 2014. He was also one of the most successful rappers in terms of money. People admired his hard work and success, and they could connect with his life.

  3. They like his songs

    Various people love the songs his song plus they also like the lyrics that he uses.

  4. They like how dangerous he seems to be

    Some people also admire the way he displays himself of being dangerous. As he comes from the street or being a gangster, people get inspired by it as it motivates them.

  5. He is an entrepreneur

    A lot of people like him because of the way he manages his money. He not only earns from writing lyrics or singing but has also made various investments and owns a lot of ventures from where he earns money. (See  How to build the entrepreneurial mindset?)

  6. He is very ambitious

    Various people also appreciate his ambition. He had a tough childhood still even after so many rough times he managed through it and fulfilled his desire of becoming a rapper. (See where does ambition comes from?)

  7. He was a gangster before becoming successful

    Numerous people idolize him as he transformed his life significantly from a gangster to a rapper. As per his movie, “Get rich or die trying,” he was a gangster before becoming a rapper. People genuinely get inspired by his story and respect 50 cents for this great transformation.

  8. He was raised in tough conditions

    He was raised in onerous conditions as his mother died when he was very young and he did not know who his father was. People who have been through a difficult childhood and similar conditions can relate to his life well. Starting from childhood then a gangster and finally a successful rapper. His story is true, commendable.

  9. Many black people like him

    There are loads of black people who get motivated by his story and use t as an inspiration. They also aspire to become like him.

  10. He shows off power and money

    One thing that a lot of people like about his songs is the use of power words and the way he shows off his money attracts a lot of people. This particularly entices people who aspire to become wealthy and successful. There might be some people who are disinterested in the lyrics or do not like it much but still they resonate with those who have specific needs.

  11. Loads of people loved his song “In Da Club” as it became a huge hit. After this song, 50 cent became even more popular globally, and people started listening his songs even more.

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