Why Do Some People Hate Minions?

Why Do Some People Hate the Minions So Much? Why do some people hate Minions?
  1. They are everywhere

    Some people hate the Minions because of the fact that they became so popular that it’s hard to avoid them. Many people dislike the fact that they see minions in memes all the time.

  2. They think they look bad

    Some people don’t like the way the minions look and even believe that they are ugly creatures.

  3. They don’t understand why others like them

    Some people hate the Minions because they don’t understand why others like them and so they get annoyed when people keep sharing their photos.

  4. They dislike the unrelated quotes posted beside Minions

    Many people dislike the fact that some others post inspirational quotes having Minion pictures. Those people believe this is annoying and unrelated to minions.

  5. They look unfamiliar

    Minions look different than most cartoon characters and they also speak their own language. People usually prefer familiar things over unfamiliar ones. (See Why do we like familiarity?)

  6. Yellow can be irritating

    According to psychologists yellow can be an irritating color. When too much yellow is combined with the Minions fast pace some people can find them irritating.

  7. The over reaction of some Minion fans

    Some people hate Minions because of the overreaction of some of the Minion fans who sometimes go far in expressing their love towards Minions. (See Why some people like Minions?)

  8. They are getting a lot of attention

    Humans beings can despise someone or something if they got more attention than they believe they deserve. Since Minions are so popular some people started hating them (See also why some people are attention seekers).

  9. They hate their clumsiness

    According to psychologists a person can hate someone’s behavior if it unconsciously remind him of his own behavior. Some people hate the clumsy behavior of Minions because it reminds them of their own clumsiness.

  10. They are weird

    Minions are weird and unexpected. People who are not too comfortable with strange and new things might feel uncomfortable around them and might end up hating them (See why Bizarre things catch our attention).

  11. To feel more confident

    Human beings always classify themselves into groups. Some people consider Minions dumb and also believe that the ones who like them are dumb as well. By joining the superior group those people can feel a self esteem boost (See why people join groups).

  12. Unconscious fear

    Some Minions look very weird with only one eye and few hairs on their head. The fact that Minions look strange could have resulted in an unconscious fear that led to hatred.

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