Why do some people find Montreal women attractive?

Why do people always say the best looking women in Canada live in Montreal? Why do some people find Montreal women attractive?
  1. They make cheap clothes look good

    Women with low budgets, are very good at making their cheap clothes look very good, they can even make a simple t-shirt dress look good enough to wear it to a club.

  2. They wear comfortable clothes

    Even though they’re very stylish, they know how to pick comfy-fashionable outfits.

  3. They wear sneakers in clubs

    Montreal women have stopped wearing heals to clubs and now they go with sneakers which make them look more fashionable and exotic.

  4. They’re always trying new hair styles

    Space buns and lavender are very popular hairstyles in Montreal. Those hairstyle might seem too strange and  exotic to foreigners in Montreal, but it’s the norm there.

  5. They know how to Accessorize

    They’re very fashionable when it comes to accessorizing. They’re one of the few women in the world who wear hats, hoop earrings, chokers and belts at anywhere, at anytime.

  6. They aren’t afraid of patterned clothes

    Montreal women like to wear patterned and bright clothes. Bright colors and neon for instances clothes are very popular among Montreal women. (See Why many people choose to wear branded clothes?)

  7. They’re beautiful

    Many people think Montreal women are both beautiful and smart, this combinations of  traits make men really attracted to Montreal women. (See What makes female face attractive?)

  8. They’re ambitious

    Most of Montreal women are very inspiring and successful. They work so hard on themselves to reach their goals.

  9. They’re independent

    Montreal women rely completely on themselves to reach their goals, because they realize that nobody owes them anything.

  10. They’re stylish even if it’s rainy

    Winter never stops Montreal women from being stylish, even when it rains or snow, they always keep their style.

  11. They’re delicate

    Monterial women can manage to stay delicate in all situations. They’re also very decent with people.

  12. They’re sporty

    ‘There are nearly no lazy women in Montreal’ says a man who lived in montereal for 15 years. There all kinds of hiking and psychical activities there.

  13. They’re friendly

    Monterial women believe in the idea of empowering each other. Women of all ages can gather under one roof just to empower one another.

  14. They’re hospitable

    Hospitality is part of Monterial culture. Monterial women like to make their friends feel cozy when they come over. They serve food, they serve drinks, and they make sure everyone’s enjoying their time.

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